C/Supt Ian Whitehouse


Page last updated Friday 4th October 2013 at 1440hrs

Much more famous for his sexual exploits than any known competencies as a police officer, Chief Superintendent Ian Whitehouse‘s romancing of sex predator DCI Elizabeth Belton featured prominently on the front page of the Yorkshire Post newspaper in April 2012. Read here.

This was another story down to uPSD investigative reporter Neil Wilby who worked exclusively with the Yorkshire Post‘s Rob Waugh to make sure the public are aware of what senior officers are doing when they should be investigating crime and protecting our communities.

This incident was then followed by extraordinary scenes at the police station where Belton works. Whitehouse’s cuckolded wife, Julie, herself an ex-cop bluffed her way past police reception and into the CID Department where Belton ‘works’. Mrs Whitehouse then stormed into Belton’s office and assaulted her in front of astonished colleagues, some of them hardened detectives with many years service.

Mrs Whitehouse had been tipped off about the affair by a national newspaper journalist and also about the fact that the Killingbeck debacle was not the first time that her husband had been caught ‘at it’ by other police officers on undercover surveillance. Belton and Ian Whitehouse had been found, some months earlier, having sex on duty some 35 miles away at South Elmsall, almost in South Yorkshire Police’s area.

Ordinarily, this type of farrago wouldn’t interest hard-nosed investigators but sexual predator Liz Belton had come to Neil’s attention concerning non-investigation of a string of fraud and theft offences committed by a Wetherby businesswoman who seemed to enjoy a seemingly miraculous protected status within the NE Leeds Division of West Yorkshire Police. A missing POCA crime file was the focus of Neil’s attention. Head of CID Belton, Killingbeck’s CI Melanie Jones and her PSD colleague, and fellow Rogue Officer, DI Peter Howarth were prepared to go to any lengths to prevent prosecution of a serial offender. The same DI Peter Howarth who was, at the same time, at the centre of a ludicrous – and ultimately fruitless – three year financial pursuit of a fellow officer which uPSD have covered here.

It says much about the poor judgement of Chief Superintendent Whitehouse that he would risk his marriage and police career over a type of individual such as DCI Elizabeth Belton, known amongst colleagues as a rude, foul-mouthed bully. It says even more about West Yorkshire Police that after the damaging story reached the press they were much more focused on trying to root out Neil Wilby’s whistleblowers than imposing sanctions on either Whitehouse or Belton.

Section 47 Assault, Affray, Misconduct in Public Office are not considered serious enough criminal offences by West Yorkshire Police to even warrant an internal misconduct hearing, when it suits. Or, when at least one of the officers concerned could blow the lid off a whole raft of other corrupt acts covered up by the Force.

Since this page was published almost nine months ago, news has reached us of another alleged peccadillo of Whitehouse’s involving a National Police Air Service colleague in a London hotel. It is not known if one or both were on duty at the time.