ACC Ingrid Lee


The ACPO Command Team at West Yorkshire Police is, arguably, the weakest and most corrupt in the UK.

After a year of increasingly pushing out the message with highly specific, and very often exclusive, material uPSD are finally being recognised as a force for good in publicly exposing widespread and systemic misconduct – and criminality – in the ranks of a police force used to having all its own way over a very long period of time. The complete lack of effective oversight by the now defunct and totally discredited West Yorkshire Police Authority, over a ten year period, has contributed heavily to that unsatisfactory situation.

Newly led by Chief Constable Mark Gilmore, who had previously served with the Force between 2009 and 2011, the senior management team are now starting to, collectively, press the panic button amid inside reports to uPSD of “widespread concern over the mass of press criticism“.  Much of that, is of course, uPSD sourced or led. Gilmore’s team includes the likes of ACC John Robins who has portfolio responsibility for the disastrously incompetent, and institutionally dishonest, Professional Standards Department (PSD). It is incredulous to consider that matters could have deteriorated from an already demonstrably poor position, within a Department that deals with public complaints and internal investigations, but Robins has managed that further decline with some flourish. A highly visible and very public example is the wholly inadequate, indeed amateurish, self-referrals West Yorkshire Police made to the IPCC following the Savile report. The IPCC have sent it back on the basis that “they are not sufficiently detailed to satisfy the requirements for referrals of conduct matters under the Police Reform Act”. Robins previously worked on uPSD’s home patch of Kirklees Division and we have some interesting material from his time on the beat there when his own Rogue Chief page on this website is published.

ACC Geoff Dodd, a former Leeds City Commander, also has incontrovertible integrity questions to answer about his role in the Danny Major miscarriage of justice and, in particular, shielding serial criminal PC Kevin Liston from justice. Liston’s tariff of misconduct/criminality has made even the most hardened copper wince at the thought that this individual could be part of the same police service as them. Read more on Liston here but prepare to be shocked.

We now turn to the subject of this page, Ingrid Anne Lee (pictured above centre). Born in 1965 and a resident of Guiseley, close to the exclusive Bradford (Hawksworth) Golf Club, of which much more will be heard later this year concering its links to another huge police fraud scandal. Promoted to ACPO rank by the now discredited T/CC John Parkinson (Read more here) she has been a career detective with West Yorkshire Police, ultimately heading the inaptly named Organised Crime Group. This so-called elite squad has faced two massive nationwide scandals in the past three months as, firstly, DC Nick McFadden was convicted for stealing over £3 million of heroin, cannabis and cocaine from a secure property store at the Force’s Operational Support HQ at Carr Gate, Wakefield. But what has not been made clear by Lee, following McFadden’s 23 year jailing, is the whereabouts of £325,000 worth of amphetamines from that same Carr Gate safe store that remain publicly  unaccounted for. It was this case that first brought uPSD into contact with Lee as a reliable source, inside her own team, tipped us off about the drugs theft last August – and the ‘admit cash by finding and we’ll forget the drugs theft’ plea bargain that was being offered to McFadden at the time. We were the first to make the case public and the outfall from that initial contact – and the force’s response to it – still rumbles on as an outside force investigation into a complaint made against two PSD officers, hi-jacked by Lee and the aforementioned Parkinson, is still unresolved and West Yorkshire Police, the IPCC and the West Yorkshire Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner all steadfastly refuse to provide an outcome to that complaint.

A second trial concerning another one of Lee’s “elite” team of detectives recently concluded at Ipswich Crown Court and involved former Detective Sergeant Christopher Taylor (pictured above right) who, along with four others, was charged with a £5.7 million advance fee fraud. He was jailed by Judge Rupert Overbury for three and a half years. The ringleader of the frauds, notorious Costa Del Sol crook Anthony Muldoon, had admitted conspiracy to defraud charges and was jailed for seven and a half years. It was alleged that Taylor allowed his company First Debt Recovery Ltd, based 400yds from police HQ, to be used to launder money for Muldoon. An in-depth enquiry by uPSD has uncovered other fraudulent Wakefield-based companies where Taylor was involved and in which West Yorkshire Police have, seemingly, taken no criminal interest whatsoever. One of those companies, Goldman Vicenti, operated on the same Wakefield 41 Business Park as Lee’s OCG. (For full story click here).

Lee, who has mysteriously deleted her LinkedIn social media profile following the appearance of this page, is currently under investigation by Humberside Police concerning irregularities connected with the November 2012 election of Police & Crime Commissioner. She is alleged to have influenced police officers to not vote for her former colleague ex DI Cedric Christie (shown fourth from left in above left picture). A feature of the investigation, so far, has been the indifference by West Yorkshire Police towards the first investigator appointed by Cumbria Police in February 2013. Cumbria’s investigation was branded an epic fail by its own PCC who asked Humberside’s Chief, Justine Curran, to take over.. uPSD’s investigative journalist, Neil Wilby, was Ced Christie’s Campaign Manager during the election and is aware of other adverse and unlawful police interference in the election process, most notably by the Masonic-dominated West Yorkshire Police Federation. Significantly, the Temporary Chief Constable, at the time of the election, was the aforementioned John Parkinson who is also a Freemason.

The case for which Lee is now nationally infamous is the Operation Newgreen report in which West Yorkshire Police appointed West Yorkshire Police to investigate themselves over their failures connected to serial rapist and child abuser, Jimmy Savile. Once again, uPSD proved to be Lee’s bête noire in the shape of Neil Wilby’s savage deconstruction of her widely condemned outcome to what was a shambolic investigation. Thirteen key failings were identified, and working with the Telegraph‘s Claire Duffin, Wilby’s dossier of evidence (which can be read in full here) has led to Lee referring herself for outside force investigation. Operation Vertex was led by Nick Gargan, who is currently making a positive impact as Chief Constable of Avon and Police Constabulary. The source of the latest inquiry was Wilby’s identification of her directorship of the company, Oree Activite Ltd, and Ced Christie being able to place at least four of the co-directors as former senior police officer colleagues. It is plain that Lee has failed to declare this directorship on her West Yorkshire Police register of business interests and the working hypothesis of uPSD is that the Home Office also failed to pick it up as part of a vetting process undertaken late last year. The Op Vertex report was delivered to West Yorks Police at the end of June but, to date, Chief “Cover-up” Gilmore has refused to publish it stating blandly that Lee was guilty of only ‘a minor technical breach of Force policy’. (Full Yorkshire Post report here)

Nothwithstanding the Operation Vertex inquiry, uPSD will continue to shine light on the other 12 failings identified in Lee’s Newgreen report which was widely condemned as “pathetic” and a “whitewash” by national press, radio and television. uPSD has now added substantive and investigative weight to that proposition. We will also continue to expose why someone as lightweight as Mark Gilmore was brought back into West Yorkshire Police, when it desperately needed a very strong chief officer to clean up the Force. Instead, the appallingly weak and incompetent Police & Crime Commissioner, Mark Burns-Williamson picked Gilmore, we strongly believe, on the basis that he already knew where all the corruption bones were buried and his brief would have been to keep them out of public view. Tough luck on both of them.

For uPSD’s analysis of the Gilmore appointment read here. The discredited Chief was suspended from duty on Friday 20th June, 2014 pending the outcome of an investigation into crooked vehicle contracts being conducted by his former force, the Police Service of Northern Ireland. We suggest that PSNI should also look into Gilmore’s close involvement with  £250 million of PFI contracts entered into by West Yorkshire Police under his Special Projects portfolio.

Two days before Gilmore’s suspension, Lee announced that she was abandoning the sinking West Yorkshire Police ship to join the similarly discredited South Yorkshire Force. In a statement she claimed that she would miss her colleagues in WYP. Which probably most notably includes the Bradford detective with whom she was allegedly having an affair.

Lee joins up again with another thoroughly discredited Chief Constable at South Yorkshire Police: The hapless, hopeless David Crompton. About whom more can be read by clicking here. They are a well matched pair.

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