Assaulted by Police

Page last updated Thursday 8th May 2014 at 1945hrs

West Yorkshire Police is a large organisation, employing over 10,000 people, fulfilling the most crucial public service in the County. Without an effective and respected force, policing with public consent and support, our society as we know it would collapse.

No-one expects the police to be a cuddly, fluffy-bunny organisation but, by the same token, the public have an inalienable right to expect officers to behave couteously and appropriately towards them, particularly if they are upstanding, law-abiding citizens.

There is a thuggish element in West Yorkshire Police who believe that throwing their weight around impresses people. It doesn’t. Instead, it makes it harder for the good cops to go about their business in an effective and efficient manner as the public recall and resent ill-treatment they have received or witnessed. Cells of self-styled police hard men such as the bull-necked, steroid pumping  “Leeds City Boys” based at Millgarth Police Station do little to help the police’s cause.

This section of the website will cover a number of cases where unprovoked assaults have led to escalation of complaints to a level were the reputation of West Yorkshire Police has become markedly compromised. The first of these cases concerns twice assaulted Wakefield businessman, Anthony Ramsden, and the second case features a Huddersfield businessman, Steve Bradbury, who has suffered attacks by the police on three separate occasions two in Wakefield near police HQ and one outside Huddersfield police station.

The third case features a Leeds man, Nicholas Gaubert, who was tasered twice by armed response officers whilst unconscious and in a serious diabetic coma. The weapon discharge was in contradiction of tactical firearms orders to simply contain the scene. It cost West Yorkshire Police a very substantial sum in compensation and legal costs plus a further battering to their tarnished reputation.

The fourth case sees an analytical look at the oldest known justice campaigner in the UK, Norman Scarth, whose most notable success was a victory over the state at the European Court of Human Rights. Norman has also sampled the other side of the judicial process being jailed in 2001 for assault of a Court bailiff. His long running battle with West Yorkshire Police and the courts has seen him seek exile, as an 87 year old, in the Republic of Ireland.

The fifth and sixth cases have been recently added to the uPSD website and feature two cases that have seen Court action and attracted wide press publicity. Lee Sutcliffe was assaulted in Leeds after being stopped for speeding in 2011 and Christopher Thrush was kneed in the testicles after being held on suspicion of burglary also in Leeds.

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More to cases to follow including the case of an 18 year old handicapped boy from Ossett handcuffed and assaulted by Wakefield traffic police at the side of the M1 motorway.