Case Studies

Page updated Wednesday 20th March2013 at 0820hrs

Across over 40 cases, we now have a powerful insight into the workings of West Yorkshire Police and it’s rogue Professional Standards Department (PSD). This knowledge is informed by study of files, documents, witness statements, court papers, photographs, CCTV and audio recordings.

It is even more informed by the material we haven’t seen. Misplaced, lost, altered, shredded, destroyed, illegally redacted, blurred film, soundless tapes. West Yorkshire Police are arguably the masters of the evidence swerve and double bluff.

Add to that the endless lies and double-dealing of almost every Professional Standards officer you encounter and the picture is, more or less, complete: Complaints against West Yorkshire Police are going nowhere. Aided and abetted by the ‘weakly-managed and ineffective‘ Independent Police Complaints Commission, who are similarly committed to frustrating complainants and, most crucially, an elected Police & Crime Commissioner not only prepared to look the other way but to actively work against and denigrate public complainants.

Each week we will add a case study to this website so that the public of West Yorkshire, and beyond, can judge for themselves.

Cases already listed on this website can be found by either locating on the Home>Case Studies> sub-menu or hover and click on the story/section of your choice highlighted in blue below:

Child Grooming

Asian Forced Marriages

Police Paedophiles

Police Perjurors

Operation Douglas

Death in Custody

Miscarriages of Justice

Yorkshire Ripper


Assaulted by Police

Wrongful Arrest

Software Theft by police


Other sections/stories will be added regularly over the coming weeks. We have approximately half of the total library published so far.