Cedric Christie DPA

Ex-West Yorkshire Police Detective Inspective Cedric Christie is, perhaps, best known for his exploits as the independent PCC candidate who, from a very late and standing start, ran the nationally-known and hugely favoured Labour candidate to a second vote count. He served his police force in exemplary fashion and received a number of commendations which can be viewed here.

Shortly after retiring, in October 2011, he submitted a Subject Access Request under Section 7 of the Data Ptotection Act 1998. This is what was provided to him by way of outcome by his former employers, West Yorkshire Police.









Not a single piece of paper could West Yorkshire Police produce after Cedric Christie, a former Head of their Economic Crime Unit, had worked for them for 30 years.

The matter was, unsurprisingly, the subject of an Appeal to the ICO who, in June 2012, found in Cedric’s favour noting that ‘it was unlikely that West Yorkshire Police had complied with the Data Protection Act.

Six months on and WYP are still breaking the law. This now forms part of a wider complaint against the Chief Constable .