Chief Constable Mark Gilmore


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Mark Gilmore (pictured above centre) was selected by namesake duck-and-dive Police & Crime Commissioner, Mark Burns-Williamson, to be his first Chief Constable following the ignominous departure of (Sir) Norman Bettison and the overlooking of another thoroughly dodgy Temporary Chief, John Parkinson.

The lightweight Gilmore made the famous announcement on being appointed Chief Constable that “West Yorkshire Police has a great reputation“. But for what? He has been asked that question, repeatedly, but cannot answer without making a complete fool of himself. It is interesting that, in true Robbie Keane kissing-the-jersey-style, he made the same pronouncement when joining Northumbria Police. He should have added, Keane-style, “I’ve always wanted to work for Royal Ulster Constabulary/PSNI/ACPO/West Yorks/Northumbria/West Yorks (delete as required). It’s my dream move.

It is also interesting that a very highly-regarded, well known and long-serving regional crime squad detective told uPSD long before his recent appointment that Gilmore was “an on-message ACPO airhead with no obvious policing ability or detective skills“. Perfect for WYOPCC, then.

We have an Irish contact digging away on his service record at Royal Ulster Constabulary. A police force with a reputation so tarnished with corruption that it had to change its name in an attempt to clear some of the stench. That is the environment in which Gilmore made his name and the experience that Burns-Williamson finds so relevant and noteworthy.

Bettison’s and Parkinson’s fate at the hands of uPSD should have given Gilmore sufficient warning for him to be on his mettle when returning to the West Yorkshire Police HQ. He previously served for two years in the disgraceful reign of the aforementioned Bettison and it is strongly believed that he was selected by Burns-Williamson – ahead of at least one much stronger candidate – because he knows where the bones are all buried and he will be compliant with slippery liar, and OPCC Chief Executive, Fraser Sampson, in continuing the bungled investigations/disgraceful cover-ups that have blighted West Yorkshire Police over a long period of time.

Gilmore’s time on the Command Team at West Yorkshire Police as ACC (Special Operations) encompassed the following cover-ups/miscarriages of justice:

  1. Jimmy Savile and ‘Inspector 5’ Mick Starkey’s obstruction of the Surrey enquiry into child abuse/rape. The suppression of the report which was promised at the end of March 2013, into the failures of West Yorkshire Police concerning Savile, was one of the very first ‘transition’ acts of his reign. Presumably, to dodge the firestorm of criticism that would undoubtedly follow during his first week in office. (The Operation Newgreen report that was published on 10th May was widely condemned in the media as “pathetic” and a “complete whitewash”).
  2. The hopelessly inadequate PSD investigation/Command Team cover-up into the tragic death following custody of Mark Camm was also at it’s height during Gilmore’s previous incumbency at West Yorkshire Police.
  3. Black officer PC Simon Jenkins was also another Death following Custody case when he took his life after being hounded by his own PSD over accounting irregularities. He had previously made an attempt to kill himself in police cells following the first PSD arrest.
  4. Danny Major miscarriage of justice which is currently the subject of an outside force investigation by Greater Manchester Police. Whilst that investigation will not encompass Gilmore’s Command Team colleague, ACC Geoff Dodd (pictured above right) that officer will, at some point in the future, have questions to answer about the deliberate concealing from Court of the discipline record of infamous Rogue Officer PC Kevin Liston.
  5. The nationally infamous Operation Douglas supergrass corruption scandal, and the Operation Waldhorn cover-up that still surrounds it, is a deep stain on any senior officer’s record.
  6. FTS software theft civil case and the criminal cover up involving Supt Trevor Kerry and Det/Insp Malcolm Whiteley. Gilmore has refused to publish the Devon and Cornwall Police Operation Garnett investigation report into allegations made by a retired Northumbria Police/Regional Crime Squad SIO, Trevor Fordy.
  7. The other three companies whose software was also stolen and whose complaints were totally and calculatingly ignored by PSD and the Command Team in order to attempt to dupe the FTS legal team.
  8. Serious irregularities in the award of huge Profit For Investment (PFI) contracts that uPSD are currently investigating. These, uPSD understand, were the specific responsibility of Gilmore.
  9. Apart from the Savile case mentioned above Gilmore was part of the Command Team that took the decision to conceal two police paedophiles from public view. One, PC Gary Simpson, was convicted and the other was allowed to retire without prosecution. West Yorkshire Police has more convicted paedophiles than any other force in the UK.
  10. Gilmore was also part of the Command Team that sanctioned the destruction of three complaint letters from a former Notts Constabulary officer complaining of phone hacking. It took 15 months before Rogue Officer, DI Andrew Knapton, finally conceded that they could not be found after what he described as an extensive and lengthy search. WYOPCC’s Fraser Sampson again looms large in the mirrors as he was complicit in those letters remaining ‘lost’ and no investigation being mounted into the allegations. uPSD is aware of a number of other complainants not having phone hacking claims appropriately investigated – or investigated at all.


This highlights just ten high profile cases but uPSD are very confident there is more to follow on Gilmore’s CV and this page will be updated accordingly at regular intervals.

But, in any event, the above list gives a fair flavour of what Gilmore was involved with before he scuttled off to Northumbria as their Deputy Chief Constable. He had bettered one Northumbria internal ACC, and one external ACC, to land the dubious distinction of working under the least credible of all the 42 other Chief Constables in the UK at the time of his appointment: The cringingly-bad Sue Sim of Rauol Moat manhunt fame. To the undoubted relief of Mrs Sim (a Norman Bettison project during their Merseyside Police days), that mantle now belongs to Gilmore’s former WYP Command Team colleague, David Crompton, since he became Chief Constable at the thoroughly discredited South Yorkshire force.

As another Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) protégé of Bettison’s, Gilmore was always destined to have a charmed, spin-filled career. Part of his recent CV includes acting as Chief of Staff to ACPO President Sir Hugh Orde. Bettison was Vice President of ACPO when he was forced out of the police service in disgrace and Orde was revealed as co-author of the post-Hillsborough Independent Panel Report press release in which Bettison continued to blame Liverpool fans for the disaster. Orde was also concurrently advising Crompton on “damage limitation” at the very same time.

Orde has also steadfastly refused to publicly disclose those emails: Presumably, as they would bring further disgrace on him, Bettison, Crompton and the police service. As did the revelation that ACPO squandered £1.6 million pound of public money on what are euphemistacally referred to as ‘shagpads’. Read more here.

His first act upon returning to West Yorkshire as Chief Constable should have been to suspend John Parkinson, pending the investigations that were still extant against him. These were matters that concerned Parkinson’s integrity and would have amounted to gross misconduct, if proven. Instead, Parkinson is allowed to swan off into fully-pensioned retirement and take his Force fleet car with him at what, uPSD believe, is a knock-down price.

Gilmore follows that by allowing, arguably, the biggest and most serious villain in his entire constabulary to similarly slink away to avoid misconduct proceedings. DI Damian Carr,  whose bagman for a number of years was convicted paedophile DC Mick Vause, will be pursued criminally one way or another for perverting the course of justice – even if that comes via a high profile private prosecution. But it is plain that Gilmore has no intention of putting down a clear marker both to the public of West Yorkshire, and the rest of his police force. Carr’s tariff of misconduct/criminality presented the opportunity to do just that.

The conspiracy to conceal paedophiles, and their known associates, from justice also marks Gilmore down as a chief officer in the true Bettison/Parkinson mould. uPSD’s prediction is that his career will end just as ignominously as those two.

Another child abuse storm brewed heavily over police HQ, just three weeks after Gilmore took over, as uPSD exclusively uncovered the suicide of a Wakefield response officer, PC Kevin Ellis, who took his life shortly after arrest and interview by his own PSD officers on suspicion of downloading/possession of unlawful images. The Force prevaricated for over 24 hours before releasing any public statement, whatsoever. Long after uPSD broke the news on this website here. Gilmore’s officers have also deceived the Coroner over the Ellis death, which brings to the fore similar methods employed in the Mark Camm case.