C/Supt Ian Kennedy


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This page has been a long time in the making as C/Supt Ian Kennedy has been a significant target for uPSD since our website was first launched in December 2012. Kennedy is a very cynical, self-serving and thoroughly dishonest police officer whose actions have brought significant pain and discomfort into many people’s lives in West Yorkshire.

uPSD are absolutely determined that this man will face a criminal court one day and account for his actions. The following paragraphs will explain precisely why.

Kennedy joined Lancashire Police in 1982 and left that Force to join West Yorkshire Police in 2004 as a Superintendent in Professional Standards. Promoted to Head in 2007, he left that Department to go back into uniform at the smallest BCU in the Force, based at Keighley. Upon arrival in that town he made the usual catchphrase ‘crime down’ announcements in the press that duly received the appropriate level of derision from the locals. Astonishingly, but so very typically, he completely omitted to mention in his press interview the biggest crime issue ever to hit the area. Namely, the systematic and widespread grooming of young girls by Asian gangs – and the associated drugs issues that surround those heinous criminal activities. For a full report on what was going on under Kennedy’s nose read here.

As Head of PSD in West Yorkshire Police he sat on the ACPO Counter Corruption Group, often chairing meetings. With what has been learned about Kennedy that will be a further shredding of the reputation of the already hugely discredited ACPO, for whom Kennedy also organised PSD Conferences. Presumably, on how to fit up a fellow police officer or how to hide one of the biggest corruption scandals by police officers that this country has ever seen. Or ,systematically, ignore any rule of law or IPCC Statutory Guidelines when signing off complaint outcomes. Or, lessons in how to be crude, or rude, to members of the public.

Kennedy left West Yorkshire Police in September 2012 and immediately joined University of Central Lancashire in Preston as an Associate Lecturer in Forensic and Investigative Sciences. This will bounce back at him as it is revealed below what went on with the forensic examination of a crime suspect’s clothing and how the results of that examination were deliberately concealed by Kennedy, himself, so as to put away an innocent fellow police officer in prison.

One of Kennedy’s other current employers, Sancus Solutions Ltd, (whose registered office is a Kirkham firm of accountants) are currently operating from behind a Preston PO Box number, and describe him as a “Senior Trainer” delivering PSD courses. They also state that he is Secretary of the National Negotiator Group. He will need all his crisis negotiation skills to talk his way out of what is now coming his way.

Kennedy has led a charmed existence for the past few years as an increasing number of influential justice campaigners have worked out that this police officer is an out and out crook, protected by the likes of (Sir) Norman Bettison and WYOPCC’s Chief Executive Fraser Sampson (pictured above right). The latter as recently as January/February 2013 by going to extraordinary lengths to conceal the fact that Kennedy had been comprehensively exposed to him as a liar and a thoroughly dishonest police officer. As justice will eventually be served on Bettison so it will arrive for Sampson, too, in the fullness of time.

Operation Douglas is a nationally known police corruption scandal and has created untold damage for the police service since five Law Lords announced in July 2011 that “a large number of police officers involved in the investigation and prosecution of the Smales robbery and murder case, including several of very high rank, engaged in a prolonged, persistent and pervasive conspiracy to pervert the course of justice”. The full Operation Douglas story in all its outrageous and shocking detail can be read by clicking on this link. Kennedy played a pivotal role in the cover up of this scandal and also in frustrating the North Yorkshire Police team investigating the corruption on behalf of the Criminal Case Review Commission. He was the main point of contact for DCS Peter McKay’s team and it was also Kennedy who was largely involved along with Force Solicitor, Mike Percival, in deciding that officers who had, quite plainly, in the eyes of five of the most senior judges in the country, committed perjury and perverted the course of justice were not to even face disciplinary charges – let alone go to jail. (Percival is pictured top right along with his wife Julia both in West Yorkshire Police Band regalia). We will report more fully on Operation Douglas following next week’s in-depth report by the Yorkshire Post’s award winning investigative reporter, Rob Waugh. Suffice to say at this stage that Fraser Sampson was also involved in the Operation Douglas cover-up but in a different role to his later escapades. At the time the allegations first surfaced he and his firm, Walker Morris solicitors, were retained by the Police Federation to defend some of the criminal offenders amongst the police ranks.

The nationally known Danny Major miscarriage of justice also looms very large on the CV of Ian Kennedy. Indeed, it is argued that but for Kennedy and his thoroughly discredited investigators DCI Steve Bennett, DI Damian Carr and convicted paedophile DC Michael Vause, Danny’s name would have been cleared in 2009 and he would have now been moving up the ranks as a serving police officer. It is very clear, not just to uPSD, but to Greater Manchester Police, that there were massive failings in that investigation. One of the key parts of the sustained cover-up of the truth by Kennedy, and his hand-picked team of liars and perverts, concerned the uniform of PC Kevin Liston and its forensic examination. There was lie after lie told about that uniform, beginning with the one that it hadn’t been siezed at all, followed by reports of what was (or was not) found on that clothing. After 4 years of trying the Major family have finally secured the release of the uniform for independent forensic analysis. The results will make an interesting lecture for the forensic science students of University of Central Lancs, but not delivered by their discredited tutor Ian Kennedy. Instead, a more telling delivery could be made by retired (and very honest) police officer, Eric Major, whose brilliant detective work will lead to the clearing of his son’s name.

PC Kevin Liston would also be an interesting case study for university or training students at the Preston PO Box HQ of Sancus Solutions and, particularly, in the light of why C/Supt Kennedy felt it so crucial to personally conceal a serial, drug-crazed criminal in his ranks whilst charged with upholding Professional Standards within his own police force. For the full tariff of Liston’s criminality and the scale of, and reason for, Kennedy’s cover-up click on this link here. Prepare to be utterly shocked at what you find. He also, at the same time, concealed a litany of complaint and criminal allegations against he other chief suspect in the Danny Major “fit-up”. Step forward, Sergeant David Oldroyd.

We then turn to the issue of doctored evidence in the Major miscarriage of justice. At the scene of an incident between PC Danny Major and a prisoner at Millgarth Police Station in Leeds there were contemporaneous photographs taken by SOCO, as one would expect. What is out of the ordinary is if an evidence team goes back to that same scene two weeks later, re-arranges furniture and signage to conceal what appear to be bloodstains on the wall. The same bloodstains that would undermine a prosecution case against Danny Major. It was that second set that were used at Danny’s trial and were only spotted as fakes subsequently. Kennedy, during an interrogative process that involved Fraser Sampson (see above), was asked to confirm which set were used at trial. He came back and clearly stated that it was the original, undoctored set. That has been proved beyond any conceivable doubt to be false. Reference to Exhibit numbers and CJA statements prove that it was the doctored set used at trial. That effectively ended the pleas of the Major family for the Police Authority to intervene and condemned the family to three more years of abject misery. So C/Supt Ian Kennedy, what was the quid pro quo for you to continue to rig investigations into a scandal that will stain West Yorkshire Police forever once the full truth is known? And why were you prepared to conceal violent, drug-using, perverted officers in West Yorkshire Police just to protect/further your career.

There is much more to tell on this disgraceful Kennedy “investigation” but we will leave our full report until after the Greater Manchester Police inquiry into the aspects concerning the three principal witnesses against Danny Major. One of those is already mentioned above, Liston, and the other features strongly on this website, PS David Oldroyd, whose blatant perjured evidence was rewarded by West Yorkshire Police with a promotion. Read all about Oldroyd here. The third is Oldroyd’s ex-wife and former detention officer, Adele Neale, who was allowed to escape prosecution for driving whilst disqualified so that she wouldn’t blow the whistle on the cover-up.

Next up on the Kennedy Corruption CV is the highly publicised case involving a software supplier to West Yorkshire Police, Forensic Telecommunication Services Ltd (FTS). A specialist Kent based firm who developed software capable of extracting deleted data from locked or ‘deead’ mobile telephones. Just the very name of the company brings a vision of another lecture in the Forensic Studies theatre at University of Central Lancs but not with Kennedy at the lectern. This time it would be grizzly old Northumbria major crimes detective, Detective Superintendent Trevor Fordy. A sleuth to match anyone in the police service, D/Supt Fordy’s best known ‘collar’ was the UK’s biggest ever drug dealer, Liverpool based “Cocky” Warren. Supt Fordy’s tangle with Kennedy came as a result of his consultancy with FTS who, at the time, were plying their wares with every police force in the country and the two secret services as well. It was Trevor Fordy who first became suspicious about the theft of his Company’s software codes by West Yorkshire Police and developed that suspicion to the extent that 5 years later, after a long, bloody and often dirty battle with WYP, a victory in the High Court was secured for FTS. It was an episode that cost the police over £500,000 of taxpayers money and a severe dent in their reputation as it became clear that West Yorkshire’s PSD, under Kennedy’s direct command, had concealed thefts from three other software companies during that time. Kennedy’s accomplice in that criminality was none other than serial rogue, DI Damian Carr, who has in the past few weeks been quickly shuffled into retirement as the criminal catching net closed in on him over a number of cases where he has perverted the course of justice and/or engaged in conspiracies with others to do the same. Det Supt Fordy subsequently made very well evidenced allegations of perjury against IT specialist DC Stephen Hirst concerning a document that was falsely placed into the evidence chain of a case that led to the conviction of a terrorist and further allegations against PSD officers, Supt Trevor Kerry and DI Malcolm Whiteley, of perverting the course of justice connected to withholding material evidence in the civil trial. The latter two were, once again, under the direct command of Kennedy and we see a clear pattern emerging of a Department led by a intrinsically corrupt officer and almost entirely comprised of officers in the same mindset. To complete the chain Kerry’s thoroughly obnoxious and invariably rude namesake, Paul Kerry, held the fort as Complaints Admin Manager in the Department. Trevor Kerry retired in 2010 but Whiteley is still retained by the police as a civilian worker in their IT Department, which is handy if WYP need any more software ‘knocking off’.

The cover-up of the allegations made by D/Supt Fordy were being managed by none other than serial Kennedy-protector, Fraser Sampson, whose fingerprints – like DI Carr’s – are usually found at the scene of the worst corruption in which West Yorkshire Police indulges itself.

Another quite appalling Kennedy, Carr, Sampson “police damage limitation” job was the outfall from the inquest in November 2008 touching on the death of Keith Mark Camm. Mark died after 25 hours in custody at Wood Street Police Station in Wakefield, during which he suffered appalling neglect. Disturbing CCTV and audio footage of Mark’s time in police custody revealed what the jury described as “wholly inappropriate banter” by police and detention officers, which itself shifted attention away from his deteriorating condition. One expert medical witness commented that Mark’s dog, who had been with him on arrest, appeared to have received better care than Mark. The jury’s conclusions were set out  in a damning seven page narrative verdict that included:

  • Mark was wrongly identified as being drunk and disorderly and as refusing to speak.
  • Police policy requiring detailed checks on vulnerable prisoners were not “adhered to at any time” resulting in many lost opportunities to check on Mark’s condition
  • Dishonest entries were made in the custody record (perjury by any other name).

HM Coroner for West Yorkshire (Eastern District), David Hinchliff, also made a rule 43 report recommending that the Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police, Sir Norman Bettison, hold a full review of all the relevant CCTV and audio evidence and undertake a wide-ranging inspection of custody arrangements to determine if they are fit for purpose. The Professional Standards investigation that began under Kennedy’s stewardship, and which has latterly involved Rogue Officer DI Damian Carr, saw no officer face a single criminal charge including the perjury arising from the falsified custody records. Three of the four officers facing serious misconduct issues were allowed to retire and, we understand, a fourth faced a discplinary hearing but received no meaningful sanction. Kennedy transferred out of Professional Standards in 2010 but after almost 18 months in charge of this investigation the die had been well and truly cast as to what the outcome was going to be and the manner in which justice was to be denied to Marks’s two sisters.

Deborah Cole, Director of INQEST noted at the time: “The treatment that Mark Camm received was frankly shameful. The jury have detailed a litany of incompetence, prejudice and appalling practice by professional after professional. This case highlights INQUEST’s ongoing concerns about the treatment of vulnerable detainees in police custody and we will be working with the family to ensure those responsible are held to account.” What Ms Cole hadn’t counted on was someone just as resolute and experienced in ensuring no-one was held to account in West Yorkshire Police. Step forward C/Supt Ian Kennedy, the Houdini Man.

More recently, Kennedy’s fingerprints have been found all over another nationally known miscarriage of justice which concerns Leeds property developer and restaurateur, John Elam, about which much more will be heard in the coming months. The case shot to national prominence in January 2014 following an adjournment debate in the House of Commons during which the Elam case was set out by his MP, Gerry Sutcliffe. The coverage by Parliament TV can be viewed by clicking here and it makes compelling viewing.

He is also strongly suspected of being closely involved in another matter concerning falsely grounded intrusive surveillance/integrity testing of a fellow West Yorkshire officer which will form part of a hugely damaging misfeasance civil claim against his Force, once the complaints process has reached its conclusion.

Justice campaigner, Neil Wilby, whom Ian Kennedy contemptuously dismissed as a “crackpot” over four years ago says: ” I wrote to Ian Kennedy on his UCLAN email address in May 2013 to ask for comment on this piece. Old habits die hard from his West Yorkshire Police days and he didn’t have the courtesy (or bottle) to acknowledge or respond. I am absolutely committed to Kennedy facing criminal proceedings and will not rest until that is brought about. He is a disgraceful specimen of a human being, masquerading behind a thin veneer of respectability.”