Seeking to legitimately obtain information from West Yorkshire Police (or the old West Yorkshire Police Authority) under either the Data Protection Act 1998 or the Freedom of Information Act 2000 is (and was) a trial by ordeal.

WYP must have one of the most inefficient/incompetent/obdurate/dishonest Information Management departments of any public body in the entire United Kingdom. In this section of the website we will provide case after case where tactics ranging from simple stalling to downright criminality is the norm. The police also believe they are above the law or deem it unnecessary to follow Directions from the Information Commissioner or Orders from High Court Judges.

They are also the masters of the missing or redacted document. Tampered CCTV film or destroyed audio tapes are also a Department specialism.

This is the type of leadership that disgraced ex Chief Constable Bettison provided and, with what has been published in the press about Bettison, no-one should be in the least bit surprised how he gave the public the ‘mushroom treatment’ or meddled with evidence.

The new Police and Crime Commissioner has followed on in the same vein as his tenure as Chairman of the Police Authority by producing FOI outcomes of notably poor quality and, of course, out of time. For example, the first outcome delivered related to the Commissioner expenses during his tenure as Champagne Socialist Chairman of the Police Authority: The perenially dishonest FOI officer, Julie Reid, claims that redacting the names of the posh London hotels he stayed is necessary as not to do so is a ‘security risk’ when the Commissioner’s home address 15 Hoctun Close, Glasshoughton, Castleford WF10 4TF is freely available on the internet.

The latest FOI finalisation concerns subscriptions, fees and expenses paid to the Association of Police Authorities and the Assocciation of Chief Police Officers which can be proved to be a false account simply by reference to the section of the police’s own website where expenditure over £500 is located. Another dishonest Julie Reid classic.

The first case study will feature our own investigative journalist Neil Wilby , who last Month had a 4 page vindication of his Subject Access issues vindicated by the Information Commissioner’s Office, which he will publish on this website.

Our second case study brings in ex-DCI Cedric Christie who, of course, stood for PCC election in November 2012

The third case study, ex-PC Kash Ahmed, exposes wholesale Data Protection deceit over a 3 year period with Rogue Officer DCI Steve Bennett and Rogue Solicitor, Mike Percival, at the heart of matters.

Soon to follow are the SAR nightmares of Wakefield businessman Tony Ramsden, Huddersfield businessman Steve Bradbury and Bernadette Major, mother of miscarriage of justice victim Danny.

If you have had a Subject Access Request or Freedom of Information nightmare with West Yorkshire Police please get in touch via our contact form: http://www.upsd.co.uk/contact-us/