DI Damian Carr

In a list of rogue West Yorkshire Police officers, Detective Inspective Damian Carr has to be at, or near, the very top. Joining Professional Standards around five years ago he features on an alarmingly lengthy list of cases.

Recurring features of his investigations are two-fold. He is not very bright and he is thoroughly dishonest. He also has on his CV the fact that his bag-carrier and partner in crime for four years was none other than convicted paedophile, Michael Vause.

Carr has featured in a number of high-profile cases where the Force ‘needs a result’ and his willingness to break the law in frustrating complainants/litigants against the police has placed him in a position of ‘protected status’ amongst his peers and, most crucially, the Command Team of West Yorkshire Police. He also appears free to laugh in the face of Police Authority (now PCC) Chief Executive, Fraser Sampson.

Cases in which Carr has been investigating officer include the death after custody of Mark Camm, complaints following the FTS software misappropriation case by ex-Supt Trevor Fordy of Northumbria Police, the nationally-known Danny Major miscarriage of justice and, more recently, the well publicised Police Assault cases of Wakefield businessman, Tony Ramsden, who was assaulted by police at Elland Road football ground and Huddersfield businessman Mr Steve Bradbury who has also been assaulted by police no less than three times.

Mr Ramsden is so incensed by Carr’s blatant dishonesty that he is contemplating taking out a private prosecution against him. Meanwhile the West Yorkshire Police ACPO Command Team, who have sanctioned  and, in some cases encouraged,the actions of Carr now lie completely compromised.