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Nick Wallen (pictured above centre) is another bungling detective in an ever lengthening line in West Yorkshire Police, who is now proven to be not only incompetent but indisputably corrupt.

He has been on uPSD’s radar for quite some time, but the requirement to protect a rape victim’s identity was paramount and over-rode the need to expose the nefarious nature of Wallen’s policing work.

A resident of the pretty North Yorkshire village of Follifoot the preening, self-possessed Wallen isn’t universally popular amongst the locals due to the way he conducted himself as a school governor, particularly in relation to the school’s breaches on child protection. Concerned parents ultimately had to resort to matters being brought to the attention of the Secretary of State. Wallen and his fellow governors response was to try to ban those raising concerns from school premises.

He is not flavour of the month, either, with justice campaigner Neil Wilby whom Wallen has described to a sister of one of those jailed in the Bradford 4 miscarriage of justice case as “Bad news” and “a man to steer clear of”. If you are a corrupt police officer, working in a police force that is a laughing stock, nationally, that is probably quite right. West Yorkshire Police is after all an organisation that has a significant website dedicated solely to the bent officers in it’s ranks.

uPSD is still limited as to what it can report on the rape case as the matter is currently being pursued by the victim, by way of a private prosecution against the perpetrator. Which is already causing significant embarrassment to West Yorks Police, who have failed her at every level. The perpetrator has also defrauded his victim of a sum thought to be in excess of £500,000, committed prima facie perjury by deliberately setting out to deceive Leeds High Court concerning the extent of his assets and, it subsequently emerged in witness box evidence at Bradford Crown Court, the perpetrator was laundering large sums of cash by illegally importing them through UK airports, without declaring them. Or, mentioning this illicit wonga to WYP detectives interviewing him. Wallen went to very considerable lengths to protect the perpetrator so that he could be kept ‘clean’ as a police witness in another fraud/money laundering case being pursued by them. The anguish this has caused the victim is indescribable and Wallen’s attitude towards her has been, on any independent view, quite disgraceful. Almost as shabby as the promotion Wallen received (from DI to DCI) as a result of what he did in ‘getting rid ‘of that victim’s case and her subsequent complaints against other officers. Aided and abetted by a complicit, and nationally discredited, Independent Police Complaints Commission.

But the criminal case that will prove to be Wallen’s nemesis is the wrongful imprisonment of Andrew Feather (pictured above right) for the murder of Bradford man Barry Selby. Andrew is currently serving a 26 year sentence in Armley jail when he was nowhere near the scene of the murder. A fact now irrevocably and independently proven. Known as the Bradford 4 miscarriage of justice, the case is now being carried along on an inexorable wave of media and national justice campaigners support. This is the piece (click here) that appeared in the Bradford Telegraph & Argus in January 2015 and was written by Steve Wright, the T&A’s crime reporter. Wright covered the murder trial at Crown Court from its outset and told the Feather family that he was troubled by Andrew’s conviction at the time. The piece also features a video film of Andrew’s sister, Rebecca Wright (pictured top left), who has developed a deep knowledge and understanding of the falsely grounded case against her brother. Andrew and Rebecca’s parents, Andrew Snr and Michelle have also turned detective by analysing, in fine detail, hundreds of hours of CCTV film. It proves beyond any doubt that Andrew could not have been in the locations that the prosecution claims. This study has also revealed that a number of CCTV tapes have been tampered with by the police in making out their case against Andrew. There are also tapes not disclosed to the defence that would plainly have aided the jury in deciding whether Andrew could have been the ‘getaway driver’ or not.

Justice campaigner Neil Wilby says: “It became apparent to me, a short time after first meeting Andrew’s family, that here was a glaring miscarriage of justice and one that would be relatively easy to resolve in the context of other CCRC cases that I work on. Readily identifiable prosecutorial misconduct, new evidence not available at the trial and evidence tampering. The ingredients are all there. I can add to that the conduct of the Feather family which is exemplary at all times, even in the face of provocation by West Yorks Police officers, most of whom seem to know deep down that Andrew should never have been convicted. Their dignity and quiet determination in putting in the endless hours of slog needed to turn over convictions has left a deep impression on me”.

A number of other nationally known justice campaigners are also backing the Bradford4 miscarriage of justice case, including Justice Gap’s Jon Robins and JENGBA’s Janet Cunliffe. Sky News are also covering the story having filmed at the Feather family’s home for over two hours and viewed the flawed West Yorkshire Police evidence. Sky reporter Gerard Tubb‘s loop can be viewed by clicking here.

The Yorkshire Evening Post have also approached the family with a view to running the story which is expected to be picked up by the nationals in conjunction with the announcement of the Justice Select Committee’s report on joint enterprise law.

The officer at the heart of the prosecutorial misconduct and evidence tampering is Senior Investigating Officer Nick Wallen. What he did, aided and abetted by his bag carrier, D/Sgt Cherry Webster, defies comprehension when they knew they were putting away a likeable and talented lad, from a good family, with evidence that was contrived at best, and criminally perverted at its lowest. Webster is also known to uPSD as investigating officer in an open and shut benefit fraud and theft case that WYP decided to bin, as it did not suit the agenda of the force to pursue at the time. Another criminal kept clean, whilst innocent people put away in the cruellest of circumstances. We don’t know how Webster sleeps at night with the Andrew Feather case on her conscience.

And guess what? Wallen received his latest promotion by WYP on the back of this fatally flawed case.

See how it works in an organisation infested with bent coppers?

That is West Yorkshire Police for you.

More to follow on this developing story…………