What are Police Standards of Professional Behaviour?

These are part of the Police (Conduct) Regulations 2008 and there is a requirement for every police officer of all ranks to abide by these at all times. They covers things like respect & courtesy (incivility or rudeness in other words), honesty & integrity, duties & responsibilities. A full schedule can be found at this Government weblink.

How do I make a complaint against West Yorkshire Police?

Details can be found here on the police website at or on the website of the Independent Police Complaints Commission at this weblink.

Will my complaint be taken seriously?

Probably not. It is important to recognise that the police have two very important agendas: Avoiding what they term as reputational damage (adverse publicity) and avoiding any civil claims for damages. All their actions are geared towards those goals and justice for the complainant doesn’t even register on their radar. That is why West Yorkshire Police throw out 94% of the complaints made against their officers.

What can I do to increase my chances of the complaint being upheld

Evidence, evidence & evidence. They are the three most important things. If you are in contact with the police, and you feel it may go wrong, switch on your mobile phone and make an audio recording. If you have a friend with you ask him/her to film it. If there are other people nearby ask them for names and contact details. They are your independent witnesses. If there is CCTV nearby make a note of the positions. Note registration numbers of vehicles and the collar numbers of officers involved.

What happens if the police turn down my complaint

If the police turn down your complaint you have the right to make an Appeal to the Independent Police Complaint Commission. This must be done within 28 days of the date of your Investigation Outcome that you receive from the police. The IPCC tend to believe virtually everything the police tell them and their very many perverse Appeal decisions – and the remote way in which they deal with the public – has led to the destruction of the IPCC’s reputation as a fair-minded, independent body.

Will uPSD help me?

We will assist if there is a realistic chance of a complaint being upheld after reviewing your complaint documentation and the evidence attaching to it. We can also advise you if there have been other reported issues against the officer the subject of your complaint, or the officer investigating.


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