Software theft by police

Forensic Telecommunications Services Ltd (FTS) is a specialist software company that supplies its wares to many police forces and government departments around the country. It is a private company that has strived hard by enterprise, innovation and hard work to both establish a niche in the market and provide sophisticated means of detecting crime, including terrorism.

FTS were rewarded by having their secret codes and tables stolen by one of their customers, West Yorkshire Police (WYP). They complained to the police and got nowhere. There was subsequently a huge cover-up and PSD were prepared to go to any lengths, including committing crimes themselves, to prevent FTS having their complaint upheld.

FTS very reluctantly had to take WYP to the High Court in London, where they won their case. See here.

Even then the police dirty tricks continued as Temporary Chief Constable John Parkinson lied to the press about why the FTS case had to go to court and tried to cover up for the criminal acts of his own officers. It was a disgraceful thing to do but Parkinson has other similar press lies on his CV and for which he is currently under investigation by another police force.

As recently as the beginning of November, West Yorkshire Police had still not paid the costs order made against them by HH Judge Arnold and FTS have still not received a single penny of damages awarded. This resonates strongly with what disgraced ex Chief Sir Norman Bettison told a representative of FTS only a week before the trial started: ” We have got a very good case and we intend to break your company.”

The whole ill-starred enterprise has cost the taxpayer over £500,000 so far. Bettison, of course, forced to resign over quite different issues but uPSD website readers starting to form a clear impression of the type of police force he ran.

For further insight into how West Yorkshire Police will steal supplier’s software read here.