IPCC – David Knight

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David Knight (pictured above centre) originally joined the IPCC as interim Regional Director in the North Region in August 2005 and was then appointed permanently two months later.

Before working at the IPCC, Knight’s worked for HM Customs & Excise, where he held a number of policy jobs and also spent five years seconded to the Foreign Office, at the UK Permanent Representation to the European Union. In his last position in HM Customs and Excise he was responsible for customer service functions including advice and support, an appeals team and a complaints team, and worked on the integration of these functions during the merger of Customs and the Inland Revenue. which, of course, became known as HMRC.

Throughout his career background the words “police” or “investigations” do not appear so he came to the troubled arena of the review of police investigation outcomes with no “previous” as it were. This, only a year after the disbanding of the Independent Police Complaints Commission‘s thoroughly disgraced predecessor, the Police Complaints Authority.

Knight first known foray into serious West Yorkshire Police cover-ups dates back to 2007 where his name appears on documents relating to the nationally known Danny Major miscarriage of justice (read more on this case by clicking here). Knight effectively condemned the Major family to six more years of misery when he backed up a report by his notorious colleague, who we cannot presently name because for legal reasons.

Much more to follow…….which includes the cases of Anthony Ramsden and Stephen Bradbury which involve other extensive IPCC/West Yorkshire Police cover-ups and the unstinting support of other incompetent and/or dishonest caseworkers. Knight was also involved in the closing down of complaints against his star caseworker, made by nationally renowned justice campaigner Michael Doherty.