Killingbeck Police Station

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It is hard to imagine a police station in the United Kingdom that is a deeper cesspit of criminality and immorality than Killingbeck. Situated on Foundry Lane, Seacroft in the eastern side of Leeds it polices a key sector of the city, including the infamous Halton Moor estate which is seat to several hardy criminal gangs and has been a police no-go area during recent times.

It’s Divisional Commander is Ricky Gervais lookalike C/Supt Richard Jackson (pictured above centre) but what goes on behind the facade of the modern office-block building is definitely not at all amusing. Below is the current roll call of shame and, whilst extensive, it is definitely not complete. Good officers, appalled by what has been allowed to go on for years at Killingbeck, are coming forward with even more horror stories and, as soon as these are ‘stood up’ by uPSD, they will be published here:

A good starting point is the Operation Douglas case, which had Killingbeck at its hub, and has attracted huge publicity in the early part of 2013 following a major Yorkshire Post probe by investigative journalist, Rob Waugh. It features revelation upon shocking revelation about sustained top-down corruption in West Yorkshire Police following their grotesquely unlawful use of the supergrass, Karl Chapman.

Lord Brown observed of West Yorkshire Police: ‘To describe police  misconduct on this scale merely as shocking and disgraceful is to understate the  gravity of its impact on the prosecution process. It is hard to imagine a worse case of  sustained prosecutorial dishonesty designed to secure and hold a conviction at  all costs.’ He added  that a large number of officers, including ‘several of very high rank’, were  engaged in a ‘prolonged, persistent and pervasive conspiracy to pervert the course of justice’.

Part of the fall-out from that prosecution case has been the unfolding of the unsafe conviction of Danny Mansell who was cleared in 2009 of murdering 85 year old Joe Smales in Wakefield, in 1996, and the connected case of Gary Ford, who had the majority of his convictions for robbery and burglary quashed as part of the same judicial process.

West Yorkshire precept payers are now facing a massive damages and legal bill for the shocking misconduct of Killingbeck officers which led to these convictions. Separate firms of London solicitors, acting on behalf of Mansell and Ford, have launched civil claims after their clients spent a total of 27 years in prison on the basis of tainted evidence procured by detectives investigating the murder of Joe Smales. The claims are expected to top £500,000 for the two men, with legal fees for all parties adding a similar amount to the final sum, if the civil matters go to trial.

Next up, in terms of national scandal, is Killingbeck’s notoriety as the scene of the famous ‘Sex in the Sauna’ incident involving Head of CID, DCI Elizabeth Belton and a neighbouring Divisional Commander, C/Supt Ian Whitehouse. Read more by clicking  here. The incident that resulted in a punch-up between C/Supt Ian Whitehouse and Belton’s live-in partner, Sergeant Chris Beddis was covered on the front page of the Yorkshire Post newspaper in April 2012.

The sauna incident was then followed by extraordinary scenes involving cuckolded wife, Julie Whitehouse, herself an ex-cop, who bluffed her way past police reception and into the CID Department where Belton ‘works’. Mrs Whitehouse then stormed into Belton’s office and assaulted her in front of astonished colleagues. Belton and Ian Whitehouse had been found, some months earlier, having sex on duty around 35 miles away from both her and Whitehouse’s respective bases, at South Elmsall, almost in South Yorkshire Police’s area.

Killingbeck was also the base of the infamous Jimmy Savile bodyguard and chauffeur, Inspector Mick Starkey. Now identified as the ‘Inspector 5′ referred to in the Operation Yewtree report ‘Giving Victims a Voice’. Savile is now, of course, the most notorious paedophile and rapist in this country’s history and Starkey has some very serious questions to answer. Particularly, concerning the destruction of a whole raft of complaint letters against Savile.

This police station also hosted another sex pervert in the shape of multiple flasher, Sergeant Ian Poskitt about whom West Yorkshire Police and the CPS engaged in a clever subterfuge designed to convince the public that Poskitt had offended only once – and after he had retired. uPSD smashed that deceit to bits in a hard-hitting story which can be read by clicking here.

Now we uncover another paedophile who is running loose in the East Leeds community who formerly worked for a significant period of his police career at Killingbeck. Joining another convicted Killingbeck paedophile, PC Michael Conlon, (featured in our Police Paedophiles section here) PC Gary Simpson was convicted in March 2010 on 20 charges of making and possessing indecent images under the Protection of Children Act 1978. He was also made the subject of a Sex Prevention Order under the Sexual Offences Act 2003. Simpson was jailed for nine months.

Killingbeck PC Danny Gray had a gambling problem and his addiction ultimately led to the loss of his police career, followed by a spell in jail. His police service ended after at least two known incidents at Killingbeck. He allegedly stole over £4,000 from the property/exhibits store and was also suspended over alleged thefts from his police colleagues at the station. He wasn’t charged over either of those offences but instead let loose, without warning, on the local community. True to type, he ran up further gambling and trader debts amounting to almost £10,000 but, by this time, in July 2010 turned to robbing the public to buy his way out of trouble. Gray targeted his 58-year-old victim after watching him cash in his roulette chips and leave with £5,350 from the Gala Casino on Wellington Bridge Street in Leeds. He then hired a taxi, followed the lucky gambler back to his home on Scott Hall Road in the Chapel Allerton area of the City and robbed him on his own driveway after smashing his car window and telling his victim he had a knife. Gray was jailed for two and a half years.

DC Tony Fletcher also used Killingbeck’s compound as the starting point of his notorious misadventure that involved him stealing a siezed motor vehicle and cruising the red light district of Chapeltown. He was picked up there ‘looking for business’ by two bobbies from a different Division. That starting another PSD ducking and diving disciplinary process that led to one officer breaking down with mental health issues and Fletcher, incredibly, taken on as a civilian in the elite West Yorkshire Police MIT team (now known as HMET) after a strategic ‘retirement’. Would a TWOC’er from the Halton Moor estate or Seacroft tower blocks been treated quite so benignly?

Ex-Metropolitan Police officer PS David Oldroyd (pictured top right) props up this shameful list for now. Oldroyd’s main claim to notoriety is as a perjuror at the trial of Danny Major where his evidence was rejected by a jury on a count of 12-0. Unanimous. Not a single member of the the twelve men and true (or women) believed what Oldroyd said on oath. Oddly enough he doesn’t make mention of this in this YouTube clip when promoting the local NPT based at Killingbeck. He doesn’t mention paedophiles, either. The prosecution team presented Oldroyd as a witness of truth even though there were serious flaws in his accounts, and those of his conspiracy accomplices, his former wife, Adele Neale, and rogue of all Rogue Officers, PC Kevin Liston. We believe that Liston also spent the latter part of his truncated police service in the Force Incident Room as he had by that time been taken out of any police work involving evidence chains.

In early September 2013, a raid by Anti-Corruption officers at Killingbeck netted yet another police officer in possession of drugs and one who was arrested on suspicion of theft. In a seperate incident, a police sergeant, Simon Harrison, who was a previously a custody officer based at this notorious cesspit of a police station was found to be over three times the prescribed drink driving limit. More recently, Harrison was a NPT sergeant in the Crossgates area in Leeds.

So amongst the druggies, drink-drivers, chancers, liars, thieves, TWOC’ers, perverters and perjurors operating within Killingbeck Police Station we have a diabolical sex crime cover-up culture that conceals paedophiles, rapists and flashers. uPSD hope that those police officers with children are sitting comfortably as these disgusting individuals are allowed to roam freely amongst them. We are just thankful that there are a handful brave enough inside the Force to speak out and help us to identify and publicise these dreadful miscreants on this website.

We are, also, deeply troubled yet again regarding the role of the former Chairman of the Police Authority Mark Burns-Williamson who is now, of course, Police Commissioner for West Yorkshire. Along with his slippery Chief Executive, Fraser Sampson, there has been a sustained obstruction – and denigration – of those wishing to expose the paedophiles operating within their Force. All the time peddling his mantra that “There is no corruption in West Yorkshire Police“. Really?

What is it, exactly, that you have to hide yourself, Mr Police Commissioner?