Knowledge Base

Case Studies

Even though we turn away far more cases than we take on, uPSD still has a large number of complaint files on its books and they grow every month. Visit this section of our website and see some of the shocking examples of what the so-called Professional Standards Department of West Yorkshire Police are prepared to do to avoid culpability and accountability. We will add case studies each week so that it grows into a formidable library. Find out more.

Rogue Officers

The overwhelming majority of good, honest, straightforward police officers in West Yorkshire have their job, facing the public, made much harder when the antics of the rogue officers are exposed. We are committed to forcing change at the top because that is where we see the biggest problems. A bully culture in which avoiding reputational damage takes precedence over everything else – including upholding the law. Find out more.

Courtroom Disasters

There is a troubling trend of courtroom reversals that have afflicted West Yorkshire Police over the past several years. Apart from our own commentary,  we provide weblinks to the transcripts and/or judgements so that readers can see for themselves what a police force enamoured with its own sense of seeming invincibity gets up to with other people’s money

Data Protection/Freedom of Information

In this important sub-section of theuPSD website we offer an insight into the trials and tribulations of extracting data from West Yorkshire Police, including case studies from former police officers and journalists. Read more here


Here we try to answer the obvious questions about police complaints and what you might expect from organisations such as the IPCC and West Yorkshire Police. As uPSD’s website interaction with the public expands so will our FAQ’s, no doubt. Find out more


Here are links to a wide range of useful websites from nationally known Justice Campaigners to Government and Local Authority organisations connected with the police and criminal justice system. We will always consider adding links directly related to what we do and welcome your suggestions. Find out more.