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The Greater Manchester ACPO ranked officer charged with oversight of the Danny Major investigation, ACC Garry Shewan, has recently clashed with justice campaigner Neil Wilby.  As a result, Shewan now faces a formal complaint to the Greater Manchester Police & Crime Commissioner based on an email exchange which can be read by clicking here. At the heart of the issues between the two lies the approach of the Operation Redbone GMP investigation into West Yorkshire OPCC, Chief Executive, Fraser Sampson (Read full Op Redbone story by clicking here). There are other issues raised in the email exchanges which give rise to question marks concerning Shewan’s integrity. Not least, why it has taken a fortnight to respond to a simple 5-point email and how the process has now involved his Head of Professional Standards, his Head of Communications and the Force lawyer. On the face of it, the appearance is one of Shewan mis-using police resource to deflect a complaint about himself. It is unclear how the formal complaint will affect Shewan’s position on the Major investigation as Neil Wilby was instrumental in wresting an external force inquiry into the miscarriage of justice scandal that saw ex West Yorkshire Police officer Danny Major fitted up by colleagues and wrongly jailed.


At Sheffield Crown Court on Thursday 19th September, 2013 Liam Austerfield was jailed for fifteen months. He had admitted three counts of making  indecent images of children, one count  of possessing 13 indecent images of a  child and one count of inciting a  child to engage in sexual activity.  The 28-year-old was serving with the North  West neighbourhood policing team in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, at the time of  the offences. Austerfield is the tenth West Yorkshire officer to be named on our Police Paedophiles page.

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An astonishing revelation that two tranches of cash amounting to around £12,000 have been stolen from a police safe are set to be uncovered by uPSD. The incidents occured at Bradford South’s Divisional HQ in Trafalgar House. We hold the transcript for one of the two trials that collapsed as a result but the other trial which also fell apart in April this year in spectacular fashion has had a reporting restriction placed on it by the Judge at Bradford Crown Court. More recently we have discovered that two cash thefts have also occurred at Chapeltown Police Station in Leeds.



Liverpool MP, Steve Rotheram has responded to a story by Jonathan Corke in the Daily Star that South Yorkshire Police Chief Constable, David Crompton, was in contact with West Yorkshire’s Sir Norman Bettison (pictured top centre) in the days leading up to the publication of the Hillsborough Independent Panel report on 12th September 2012.

Mr Rotheram noted, “‘Damage limitation’ discussions at senior ranks within the police services of South and West Yorkshire in the lead-up to the publication of the Hillsborough Independent Panel Report smack as being the acts of desperate men, trying to cover their own backs.

“Communication between senior South Yorkshire Police officers, past and present, in the days before the publication of the Hillsborough Independent Panel‘s report will leave a bitter taste for the families of the 96, but will not come as any great surprise. Serious questions about who said what, to whom, need to be answered and all texts, emails and correspondence should be fully disclosed”.

Crompton, described on his own Rogue Chiefs page on this website as a “Walking disaster” (see here) was Bettison’s deputy from 2008 to 2012. The West Yorkshire Police & Crime Commissioner, Mark Burns Cover-up has, so far, failed to respond once to many calls for the Bettison emails to be released.

ACPO Chief, Sir Hugh Orde (pictured top right), was also in regular communication with both men but has also ducked down below the barriers, thus far. The release of emails and other communications should also most certainly involve him.

Pressure should also now be applied by MP’s as to why the IPCC have yet to publish their findings into the Bettison ‘exerting due influence’ allegations that were referred to them on 10th October, 2012. Just how long does it take their Senior Investigator to decide on one single phone call who was telling the truth? See Bettison’s own Rogue Chiefs page here.



The Operation Douglas scandal , extensively and thoroughly investigated by the Yorkshire Post’s Rob Waugh, will go down in police history as a massive cover-up of industrial scale gross misconduct and criminality.

In such circumstances, the dogged determination of West Yorkshire Police, CPS, the IPCC and the Police Commissioner’s office to continue to conceal matters from public scrutiny simply defies logic and common decency.

But now we are able to expose the role that master string-puller, and Commissioner’s Chief Executive, played in Operation Douglas and the subsequent outside Force investigation. Fraser Sampson was Head of the Police Law Unit at Walker Morris solicitors in Leeds at the time and, retained by the Police Federation, acted for some of the West Yorkshire Police officers who faced the most serious charges arising from the Operation Douglas inquiry.

It is outrageous that this has never been declared publicly by Sampson as a clear conflict of interest affecting a key public servant in West Yorkshire. Even more scandalous is the blind complicity with which the hapless Commissioner follows Sampson’s every word. upSD and the Yorkshire Post, between them, will get to the bottom of all this subterfuge and, hopefully, by the time full light is shone on this dark chapter in West Yorkshire Police history both Sampson and Mark Burns-Williamson will have been casualties of the war on corruption in public life.



A bizarre link has been uncovered between one of the two officers who arrested the Yorkshire Ripper and Hillsborough. Further doubt is cast on the testimony of Chief Inspector Norman Bettison‘s witness testimony. For full details click here.

The IPCC have indicated via their latest Commission Meeting that their own Independent Investigation into disgraced ex-West Yorkshire Police Chief Bettison is close to completion (as at 25th January 2013). He is accused of making an inappropriate phone call to the Police Authority’s Chief Executive, Fraser Sampson, on 15th September and that he ‘exerted undue influence’ over the Authority’s decision to refer him to the IPCC, in the aftermath of the publication of the Hillsborough Independent Panel report.

In another matter of great public interest Bettison was, more seriously, accused of the theft and attempted sale of a high value consignment of platinum wire. Derbyshire Police probed the allegation that two men, Norman Bettison and his father George, were recorded on CCTV attempting to sell a large quantity of stolen platinum wire to Sheffield firm Johnson Matthey on August 11, 1987.

The valuable wire, used to monitor temperatures in the steel-making process, is believed to have belonged to another Sheffield firm where Bettison’s father worked. In November 2012 Bassettlaw MP John Mann asked the IPCC to scope the allegations. The IPCC referred the claims back to South Yorkshire Police, which in turn invited Derbyshire Police to conduct an outside force investigation. That, unsurprisingly, found that Bettison and his father had no case to answer as the CCTV and both the criminal/disciplinary files on Bettison had been conveniently destroyed by South Yorkshire Police.

Bettison was also consistently pressed to denounce paedophilia both within his own ranks and amongst the wider public. As allegation after damaging allegation has emerged concerning the Jimmy Savile cover-up the reason why Bettison declined to do so became much more clear.

Other startling revelations currently under investigation include serious allegations concerning the propriety and accuracy of his CV presented to Merseyside Police Authority when applying for the post of Chief Constable. If proved, they could lead to MPA clawing back salary and benefits, including his pension.

He was also referred to the IPCC in July 2013 on prima facie evidence of interfering with the Macpherson inquiry into the death of Stephen Lawrence. Bettison was found to have smeared a Bradford race relations co-ordinator.


A new corruption enquiry has been ordered into another long-running West Yorkshire Police cover-up in which Bettison was heavily involved. Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary asked  Greater Manchester Police to investigate the Danny Major miscarriage of justice. Full story appeared in The Times newspaper on Saturday 26th January 2013 and can be read here. The Danny Major page will be regularly updated as the GMP probe develops.


Crime figures in West Yorkshire Police are being shamelessly and ruthlessly manipulated by senior managers in West Yorkshire Police. uPSD have uncovered damning evidence of bulk crimes not being recorded or misrecorded. One of the ‘stunts’ pulled by Wakefield Division, led at the time by C/Supt Marc Callaghan was to downgrade Section 5 Public Order offences into non-recordable Drunk and Disorderly fixed penalty offences. More to follow…….


The West Yorkshire Police Freedom of Information Department has to be one of the laziest, most inefficient and, arguably, the most dishonest in the entire police service. A lengthy running battle concerning details relating to the Hillsborough Disaster was brought to fever pitch with the latest letter from the FOI team. It contains at least two barefaced lies. These are the concealment of at least two officers of Chief Superintendent rank and also the claim that West Yorkshire Police are unaware of the identity of any of their officers subject to IPCC Hillsborough referrals. The letter is reproduced here and the email trail associated with it will be published shortly. It is very enlightening to say the least.