DI Michael Green

Page updated Thursday 1st May 2014 at 0950 hours

DI Michael Green  was the West Yorkshire Police Professional Standards Department officer whose mind-numbing incompetence, and willingness to indulge a conspiracy which included perjury and perverting the course of justice, wrongly sent fellow police officer Danny Major to prison.

In open session at Danny’s trial at Bradford Crown Court HH Judge Roger Scott stated that Green was, in his estimation, ‘Inefficient, incompetent and ineffective – and that just covers the i’s, the rest of the alphabet may follow later’.  In the informed opinion of Eric Major, a serving West Yorkshire Police officer at the time of the trial, he would have started at ‘c’ and said criminal and corrupt.

It is also true to say that the Judge, at this time, was unaware of Green’s other evidential ‘failings’ that have since come to light, and one can only wonder what else would have been said in Court had the full extent of Green’s misconduct/criminality been known to him.

These include failure to maintain PNB, failure to keep accurate records of undisclosed record material (MG6c), complete disregard of PACE regulations, carrying out unlawful interviews with a crime suspect and contempt of court in failing to disclose further evidence after instruction by a judge to do so.

Ex Wakefield RFC rugby player Green is also believed to be the officer principally involved with the concealment of the crucial 13 hours of CCTV footage that would have cleared Danny Major at trial. He had previously told Danny Major, in interview, that ‘five cameras in the Leeds Bridewell were not working’.  That was an outrageous deception, as has been subsequently proved beyond any doubt and all roads lead to the Temple of “Budhha”, as that was Green’s nickname amongst his police colleagues. Being short, fat and bald was always going to leave him open to that type of ribaldry.

The same Judge also told West Yorkshire Police at the outcome of the trial that he anticipated a full investigation to be carried out in relation to events at the Leeds Bridewell on that night and, further, expected that several police officers should face criminal charges as a result of the evidence presented at trial.

In the so-called internal police Professional Standards ‘investigation’ that followed, and after West Yorkshire Police had dragged their heels for 19 months, Green’s own disciplinary interview effectively brought the enquiry to a close.  It was, quite tellingly, conducted by leading Rogue Officer and PSD cover-up specialist, DI Damian Carr and West Yorkshire Police’s convicted PSD paedophile, DC Michael Vause. Both those officers can readily be proved to have lied to the Majors during that complaint process.

West Yorkshire Police have since resisted every lawful attempt to have the transcript of that interview disclosed and, until very recently, steadfastly refused to release disgraced ex-PC Kevin Liston‘s uniform for independent forensic examination. The man obstructing the release of the uniform was none other than the aforemention Carr, who simply refused to respond to correspondence from Birmingham solictors, Hadgkiss Hughes & Beale, who are acting in the case for Danny Major.

Not a single officer has faced a disciplinary charge, let alone a criminal trial as HH Judge Scott anticipated. Tellingly, yet another leading light in the Rogue Officer’s gallery, DCI Stephen Bennett was Senior Investigating Officer. What a trio of villains Bennett, Carr and Vause made, sent  to investigate another PSD villain. You couldn’t make it up and sight of the policy book on this one will be well worth the wait.

In a long overdue development in the case, key elements of the PSD investigation are now being rigorously reviewed a process that began in the early months of 2013. Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary, at the reluctant request of the Office of the West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner,  have now appointed an outside Force to re-investigate a number of aspects of the case. For the full story of how this came about please see p34 of The Times dated 26th January 2013 or follow this link.

The outside force investigation may well have been tainted already by the Police Commissioner himself as, in a quite bizarre and completely unethical decision, he invited Green in to see him at his office at very short notice on Friday 17th February.  Contrast that with, as just one example, the extraordinary lengths the Commissioner has been prepared to go to in avoiding a meeting with Wakefield businessman, Tony Ramsden, who has prima facie evidence of police misconduct.

The Major family (and Tony Ramsden) are, understandably, incensed by the Commissioner’s actions and continue to demand an urgent meeting with him at the earliest available opportunity. Those demands have been, in the regular “police-puppet” style of Mark Burns-Williamson been roundly ignored. From a public interest point of view this situation, of the Commissioner’s making is, at the very least, unattractive. At it’s highest it is an attempt to pervert the course of justice. Burns-Williamson is already a proven liar and this latest episode leaves his credibility in tatters.

It is expected that other officers, or ex-officers, facing criminal interview, such as perjuror PS David Oldroyd, serial criminal Kevin Liston, and Adele Neale will now also require the Commissioner ‘tea and biscuits’ treatment. Why not have a full blown buffet lunch – at the public expense – so that everyone can get their stories straight?

There are also deep concerns about the motive behind the production of three different versions of the same meeting notes produced by the Commissioner and not one of them even near to being a true record of events. Greater Manchester Police’s ACC Garry Sherwan was provided with the factual notes by the Major family and can draw his own conclusions when analysing what and whom WYOPCC were trying to conceal.

Further concerns included the attempts of OPCC Chief Executive to agree his own version of the Terms of Reference for the inquiry when Fraser Sampson plainly hasn’t grasped the points in issue, as referenced by the false meeting notes sent out under his motion. Fortunately, GMP grasped very quickly the issues at the heart of this miscarriage of justice and terms for the investigation have now been agreed between the family, GMP and West Yorkshire Police’s Chief Constable. The investigation is now well underway and the GMP detectives leading the probe have already struck up a very positive working relationship withe the Major family.

Added to Sampson’s growing tariff of corruption in which he has a hand is the February 2013 Yorkshire Post exposure of industrial scale corruption, on the most serious level, in Operations Douglas and Waldhorn where the name of the game for Sampson – who has craftily concealed his own role in the affair – is to bury the reports out of public sight. Crucially and scandalously, every single one of the eighteen officers got clean away with misconduct, gross misconduct or criminal acts such as perjury or perverting the course of justice.

A further Yorkshire Post exposé, by top investigative journalist Rob Waugh, is expected very shortly which will show more of the scope and extent of Sampson’s orchestrated cover-up. A uPSD whistleblower, who was closely associated with the Op Douglas matters has provided a depth and range of information not previously in the public domain. It will blow West Yorkshire Police and the PCC’s office apart.

Returning to Mick Green, a reliable police source has told uPSD that, at the turn of the year, he was given the all-clear from what appeared at one stage to be terminal cancer. uPSD add their relief that Green has been spared. He can now face trial for his outrageous criminality and a spell in prison would be no less than he deserves.

The question now exercising uPSD’s mind is: Was Green’s meeting with Mark Burns-Williamson and Fraser Sampson to warn them that if he goes down he takes such as ACC Geoff Dodd and retired D/Chief Supt Mark Bradley down with him? Dodd was City Commander in Leeds at the time of the Danny Major incident. Bradley became Head of Professional Standards the day after, taking over from Joe Penrose, about whom more will be heard in the IPCC Rogues section of this website.

Green wrote to the Major family’s complaint friend and advisor, Neil Wilby, in February 2013 claiming his innocence and suggesting a meeting at a local rugby ground. Wilby declined and informed green that, on any reading of materials available to him, Green was a crook.

Green also said he would be contacting Greater Manchester Police. uPSD’s police sources say that approach to GMP has also been rebuffed and the informed view is that Green’s next contact with detectives will be a 6am knock on his door. The question is, will Burns-Williamson and Sampson still be trying to protect Green and those above him in the command chain…..?