PC Gary Simpson

Page last updated on Friday 22nd March 2013 at 1915hrs

The words Killingbeck Police Station (pictured above) are fast becoming synonymous with criminality and depravation. But that is more to do with what the police officers are doing inside the building, rather than rounding up criminals on the Eastern side of the city of Leeds.

It features in a host of other incidents reported on this website, including the nationally-known Operation Douglas corruption scandalreported on extensively by the Yorkshire Post and featured on this website here.

Killingbeck was notably, of course, the scene of the famous ‘Sex in the Sauna’ incident involving Head of CID, DCI Elizabeth Belton and a neighbouring Divisional Commander, C/Supt Ian Whitehouse. Read more by clicking  here.

Killingbeck was also the base of the infamous Jimmy Savile bodyguard and chauffeur, Inspector Mick Starkey (pictured with Savile top left). Now identified as the ‘Inspector 5′ referred to in the Operation Yewtree report ‘Giving Victims a Voice’. It also hosted another pervert in multiple flasher, Sergeant Ian Poskitt about whom West Yorkshire Police engaged in a subterfuge designed to convince the public that Poskitt had offended only once – and after he had retired. uPSD smashed that deceit to bits in a hard-hitting story which can be read by clicking here.

Now we uncover another pervert that is running loose in the community who formerly worked for a significant period of his police career at Killingbeck. Joining another convicted Killingbeck paedophile, PC Michael Conlon, (featured in our Police Paedophiles section here) PC 3917 Gary Simpson, aged 41, was convicted in March 2010 on 20 charges of making and possessing indecent images under the Protection of Children Act 1978. He was also made the subject of a Sex Prevention Order under the Sexual Offences Act 2003. His computer was also confiscated which is a concern as it is known that at least one paedophile was operating at the time in the Professional Standards Department of West Yorkshire Police. DC Michael Vause has since been convicted of child pornography offences. Simpson is the eight paedophile identified as operating within this police force, whilst abusing children.

A jail term indicates that the images discovered on Simpson’s hard drive were of a serious nature as only Level 4 or Level 5 images would normally attract a custodial sentence. Simpson was unmasked as a paedophile only when he showed the images to a fellow officer, who reported his concerns to supervisors.

A further grave bconcern is that West Yorkshire Police concealed the prosecution of these heinous offences (as they sought to do with Vause before uPSD’s intervention) and, seemingly, managed to steer Simpson through the judicial process – no doubt with the usual CPS plea bargain – without any announcement before or after the trial. Which leaves another ex-police pervert running loose on the streets for the sake of protecting the precious ‘reputation’ of a Force now discredited nationally on any number of fronts.

It is also a safe bet that virtually every officer and civilian in the NPT team pictured top right knows that police perverts are on the prowl – indeed there may be one amongst them – yet they all choose to look the other way. I hope those with children are sitting comfortably with that.

Finally, we turn again to the role of the former Chairman of the West Yorkshire Police Authority. Now, of course, blundering his way through the role of Police Commissioner. He repeated loud and often in his election campaign that there was no corruption in West Yorkshire Police because he thought him and Chief Constable Bettison had the lid screwed down tight on everything. But Hillsborough, Savile, Operation Douglas and, of course, uPSD have blown the lid clean off that stinking pot. More worryingly is the absolute determination of Mark Burns Cover-up to obstruct and denigrate those determined to shine a