PC Kevin Liston


Page last updated 18th May 2015 at 1515hrs

Of all the West Yorkshire Police (WYP) officers posted in our Rogue Officer’s gallery the chequered history of this one, PC Kevin Liston (pictured above centre), informs more about this police force than any other. The sense that WYP is an organisation out of control at the very top (Bettison, Gilmore, Crompton et al) pervades most of the pages in this section of the website, but what follows here is utterly shocking and resonates strongly with the Karl Chapman Supergrass police criminality case that is now known as Operation Douglas.

Liston was given even greater licence than the famous Supergrass, and immunity from prosecution or meaningful misconduct sanction, to secure his continuing compliance in the Professional Standards Department conspiracy led by Rogue Officer, DI Michael Green, that ultimately imprisoned a fellow police officer.

It is plainly apparent that the subsequent rationale and overall strategy of the Command Team officers above them, led by then ACC John Parkinson (who later had a brief but ill-starred term as Temporary Chief Constable), has always been closely connected to protection of the witnesses whose false evidence effectively condemned PC Danny Major to serve a prison sentence for a crime he didn’t commit.

One of those key witnesses was career criminal, Kevin Liston, who committed his first offence before he joined the police, when he threw a member of the public through a shop window. A CPS plea bargain saw the assault/ABH charge dropped and he pleaded guilty to criminal damage.

This is the Liston tariff that is known about. There is certain to be more that uPSD  haven’t caught up with (yet).

a)    Sexual assault on a female police officer. Caught on CCTV.

b)    Sexual harassment of another married police support officer,

c)     Offering to supply drugs to off duty police officer,

d)    West Yorkshire Police know, and CCRC confirmed, that PC Liston is a drug user and has a drug habit.

e)    Committed an assault on Mr Robert Holt in Leeds City Centre. Witnessed by a female police officer colleague.

f)     Assault on his live-in female partner,

g)    Assaulted female friend of his partner in same incident.

h)    Assaulted another male in a pub brawl.

i)       Data Protection breaches (misuse of PNC concerning data of known criminals for his own use)

j)      A short while later seen associating with the same known criminals (identified by a covert police intelligence operation)

k)      Theft of police property (truncheons, cs spray, uniforms). This was after a Pontefract male arrested in official police uniform supplied by PC Liston to the offender.

l)     Found in his car drunk by police after consuming alcohol and drugs.

m)   Allegation of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

n)    Putting false entries on police computer systems

o)    Two occasions he has gone missing when faced with with internal investigation. One involved use of illegal drugs.

In the end, in the Autumn of 2012 and after a six year crime spree, which followed yet another assault incident this time involving a taxi driver, PC Kevin Liston was finally forced to leave West Yorkshire Police on ‘health grounds’, with pension intact, but without being prosecuted for a single criminal offence. The Professional Standards officers shielding Liston throughout most of this period were none other than fellow Rogue Officers, DI Damian Carr and PSD’s own resident convicted paedophile, DC Mick Vause.

The whole episode, from start to finish, beggars belief and shakes at the very foundation not just of West Yorkshire Police but the Police Authority, the current Police Commissioner Mark Burns-Williamson,  CPS, HMIC, IPCC and the judiciary, who have all tolerated this outrage. All these people have been made well aware of Liston’s criminal activities – and the police cover-up surrounding them – and done nothing.

The currency of this crime catalogue runs parallel with the 10 year incumbency of Burns-Williamson as Chair of the West Yorkshire Police Authority. His stance as Commissioner and key election plank was that “There is no corruption in West Yorkshire Police“.

Judge for yourself whether Burns-Williamson  is a fit and proper person to serve the public and hold a police force to account. A force that contains dozens of officers who have willing and knowingly engaged in an evil and widespread conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. At the top of that list has to be successive Heads of Professional Standards who firstly procured the ‘cover-up’ investigation: C/Supt Ian Kennedy and followed by those whose brief was to keep it buried: Sarah Brown, Andy Battle and self-styled ‘Big Boss Hogg’ Marc Callaghan.