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Ex Lancashire Police officer Richard Clare transferred to the West Yorkshire force having been involved in a high profile court case in which he was, some might say very fortunately, cleared of assaulting a woman at a wedding party in St Anne’s. For full story see the Lancashire Telegraph newspaper report by clicking here.

It is not known what disciplinary measure was taken against Clare as a result of the incident but a Freedom of Information request has been made to Lancashire Police in an attempt to shed more light.

More recently Clare has been involved in other high profile assaults on Huddersfield businessman Steve Bradbury. But, not as perpetrator we must add. His role on this occasion was confined to a contemptuous refusal to record complaints against DC Richard Tyler who had dragged Mr Bradbury by the arm across the back yard of Wood Street police station, in Wakefield city centre, following an unlawful arrest.

The complaints were recorded shortly afterwards against Tyler and largely upheld by the Force who found that he had breached PACE. Which made the refusal by Clare to record the issues against Tyler all the more bizarre, apart from placing him in breach of the Police Reform Act 2002 and his Force’s Police Pledge.

The saga rumbled on through the latter half of 2014 as Clare’s boss, Divisional Commander C/Supt Andy Battle, sought to “buy off” Mr Bradbury’s ever lengthening issues against the Force. Battle eventually dissented from those negotiations after making a derisory financial offer to settle matters.

As promised by Mr Bradbury, all the various complaint issues against a number of errant (and in some cases criminal) West Yorkshire Police officers then became “live”. Accordingly, a formal complaint against Richard Clare was submitted to the Force’s PSD on 30th December, 2013. What has followed since from the police (and IPCC) will become a textbook case which uPSD have called “Lessons Learned – How NOT to deal with a public complaint against an officer in your Force” about which there will be a separate page on the uPSD website in the next week or so.

The Clare complaint case study which uPSD intend to take on a nationwide tour is helped considerably by the thug-looking inspector giving a different version of events in three different written accounts to which uPSD have had access.li

Clare was also involved in a bizarre incidentin October 2013 involving a group of friends who have become associated via uPSD’s justice campaigning. This occurred at the White Horse public house in the sleepy backwater village of Emley

More to follow….