PS David Oldroyd


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Ex-Metropolitan Police officer PS 701 David Oldroyd (pictured top right), who joined West Yorkshire Police in 2000,  is another member of the the latter force’s Police Band who seemingly enjoys protected status from misconduct and/or criminal proceedings. He joins Rogue Solicitor, Mike Percival, and Huddersfield PC Simon Marshall in this elite group.

Oldroyd’s main claim to notoriety is as a perjuror at the trial of Danny Major where his evidence was rejected by a jury on a count of 12-0. Unanimous. Not a single member of the the twelve men and true (or women) believed what PC David Oldroyd said on oath. Oddly enough he doesn’t make mention of this in this YouTube clip. The prosecution team of fellow Rogue Officer DI Michael Green and CPS’s Sajita Ahmed presented Oldroyd as a witness of truth even though there were serious flaws in his accounts and those of his conspiracy accomplices:  His former wife Adele Neale (pictured above right) and rogue of all Rogue Officers, PC Kevin Liston.

These are the key defects in his evidence: It was the CPS (aided almost entirely by Green) who dressed up and presented the falsehood that Oldroyd did not make any allegation of Danny Major assaulting the prisoner, Sean Rimmington, until some 18 hours after the alleged incident. That is, when he returned to work the following evening at 2100 hrs for another duty on night shift. CPS also made much this fact and also embroidered it further by saying Oldroyd had no knowledge of a similar complaint being alleged against Danny, by Liston.

The apparent ‘partitioning’ of the evidence of  two conspirators (and now known Rogue Officers) was a pivotal aspect of the case presented by the prosecution. Fully documented and timed evidence, discovered only after the Court trials proves this entire CPS proposition to be an elaborate sham. It is clear, thanks to this evidence in the form of a report made to a force medical examiner at around 1000 am the same day, that PC Oldroyd had full knowledge that PC Liston had made an allegation against Danny at this time, and not as presented by the prosecution: Some ten hours after this point. There was no injury to the victim that corresponded to Oldroyd’s allegation neither was there any complaint from the victim from the specific area of the alleged attack (rib/chest area).

Mr Rimmington was examined on two separate occasions, by different Force medical experts, on the day in question. Their expert opinions, arrived at independently, were that was no evidence of an injury, no bruising, no complaint of soreness to the area concerned. Ergo, no factual or forensic evidence to back up Oldroyd’s allegation. The prosecution’s own expert medical witness at the Bradford Crown Court trial said on the revelation of the fact that steel toe capped boots were worn by Danny on the night question: “If PC Major was wearing those boots at the time, and the assault was as alleged, it was impossible for there to be no injury at all to the victim. I would have expected actual fractures to the area concerned. The lack of any sign of injury indicates to me that the alleged kicking assault on the prisoner could not have taken place”.

Another key difficulty for the CPS/Oldroyd/Green evidence concoction was the written statement and evidence in chief of PC Martin Stubbs, who stated he was at the rear of the van when Danny stepped into it to see to Mr Rimmington and saw nothing that caused him concern, or corresponded to the allegation made by Oldroyd. The damage continued further for Oldroyd’s credibility/integrity when PC Stubbs continued further, to state that Oldroyd could not have seen what he alleged, as he was on his way back to the main office when Danny stepped into the van. Well before any assault alleged to have been committed by Danny could have possibly taken place.

CCTV Footage withheld from the Major defence team, until the trial was almost over, also condemned Oldroyd’s evidence in chief that he left the police station shortly after the alleged assault (approx 04.00 hrs) and did not return until 21.00hrs. He is clearly seen returning to the police station shortly after the assault and engaging with Adele Neale and others involved in the conspiracy against Danny. Sometimes the camera can lie, but this time the police’s own film dooms PC David Oldroyd. Connected to the alleged non-contact with Oldroyd and other co-conspirators there is the unaccountable contradiction from the PNB of DI Michael Green and the witness evidence provided in Court by Oldroyd concerning his whereabouts at 11.00hrs. One of either Green or Oldroyd lied. Or probably both, on all known evidence.

Having been thoroughly exposed as a liar and a perjuror in Court in October 2006 one would have expected serious sanction or criminal charges to be faced by PC Oldroyd. Not in West Yorkshire Police. It works differently there. If you do a ‘job’ on someone the Command  Team see you as promotion material. Oldroyd was elevated to Sergeant two months later. There is also the very strong suspicion that Oldroyd has been allowed free reign to commit wholesale misconduct/criminality along the lines of PC Kevin Liston whose extraordinary tariff of misconduct/criminality can e viewed by clicking here.

Oldroyd resigned from the Police Band in strange circumstances in May 2013 and was removed from the Killingbeck and Seacroft Neighbourhood Police Teaqm following sustained publicity pressure applied by uPSD. He remains on restricted duties (away from evidence chains) when, in reality, he should have been dismissed from the Force years ago.

uPSD’s enquiries continue into what Oldroyd was allowed to get away with in return for maintaining the Danny Major “fit-up” conspiracy and keeping the cloak of secrecy over who in the higher ranks of West Yorkshire Police engineered this heinous crime.