PS Ian Poskitt

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The West Yorkshire Police website currently states that  “Students of Leeds will also be specifically targetted with this campaign during lectures. For further information about Leeds Area Community Safety or information about the video, please contact Ian Poskitt on 0113 3950836“. Little did those students know on January 23rd 2012 that Sgt Ian Poskitt (pictured top centre) was a flasher and he may have had other things on his mind when promoting this anti-burglary campaign.

Sgt Poskitt, aged 50, whom, it was stated, had ‘retired from West Yorkshire Police’ only two weeks before the offence, flashed at a woman in the driveway of her own home and was caught when the lady’s partner chased after him and dragged him from his car.

A former departmental colleague of Police & Crime Commissioner candidate Cedric Christie, Poskitt was a crime reduction officer based in Leeds. He was told by Judge Geoffrey Marson QC (pictured top left): “You have brought shame upon yourself in the most spectacular way.” Leeds Crown Court heard Poskitt’s flies were undone and ‘he was in possession of a West Yorkshire Police warrant card’ when he was taken to Killingbeck police station.

CPS Barrister, Duncan Ritchie, said Poskitt’s victim, a 29-year-old woman from Whitkirk in East Leeds, was putting on her make-up in the hallway of her home as she got ready for work at around 6.50am on Sunday February 12, 2012. She spotted Poskitt stood on the drive and shouted upstairs to her partner. He ran downstairs and chased after Poskitt, dragging him from his Jaguar car as he was about to leave the scene.

Poskitt, who lives in Kippax, Leeds originally denied the offence. He tried to claim that he had been urinating in the street and had exposed himself as he was angry when he caught the woman looking at him. He finally pleaded guilty to indecent exposure on the day he was due to stand trial, which spared his victim giving evidence. The urinating in public offence, which Poskitt originally admitted, was not pursued through lack of ‘watertight‘ evidence.

Solicitor advocate, Timothy Jacobs, of Leeds firm Henry Hyams, mitigating for Poskitt, said: “My  client has recently retired from West Yorkshire Police and at the time of the incident was worrying about what he would do with his free time“. He added that Poskitt, a father of three grown up children, “was going through marital problems at the time“.

Poskitt received a 12-month community order and Judge Marson ordered him to do 80 hours unpaid work. He was also made the subject of a Restraining Order banning him from the victim’s street or from contacting her.

What was not made clear at Court is that this was the THIRD time that Poskitt had offended at the same woman’s home. The first two occured when he was most definitely a serving West Yorkshire Police officer. He was actually charged with all three offences but the complainants were persuaded by the CPS and police to drop the prior allegations. This happened on the morning of the trial at Leeds Crown Court. Poskitt was also discplined by the Force in 2009 for selling police kit on the auction site, eBay.

Further genuine concerns have been raised, by the victims of these frequent flashings, as to the extent of enquiries concerning Poskitt’s previous exposure to vulnerable females and students. It also begs the question as to why Poskitt was NOT placed on the sex offender’s register and allowed to keep his pension.

uPSD are also troubled by the identity of the Professional Standards officer who handled the investigation of another serial West Yorkshire Police sex offender. The drive to conceal the truth from victim, complainant and the wider public again leaves a very nasty taste in the mouth. Much in the manner in which the same Force has sought to conceal paedophiles not only in it’s ranks but the biggest child abuser in UK history, Jimmy Savile.

An unofficial spokesperson for West Yorkshire Police said: “It’s a great pity for a good bloke like Sgt Poskitt that he has suffered such a loss of face – and brought shame on the Force – over what is, after all, quite a small thing”.

It will surprise few that Poskitt was based for a significant spell of his career at the notorious Killingbeck Police Station and adds to the lengthening roll of shame for what should be a key law enforcement location in East Leeds. It was, however, the base of two other convicted perverts, paedophiles PC Michael Conlon and PC Gary Simpson. Do we detect a pattern here?

Killingbeck was also the hub of the hugely notorious Operation Douglas scandal and scene of the, now countrywide famous, ‘sex in the sauna’  farrago involving man-hungry sex predator DCI Elizabeth Belton and her married lover, C/Supt Ian Whitehouse.

Other notable Killingbeck Rogue Officers include Jimmy Savile ‘bodyguard and driver’ Insp Mick Starkey (now outed as the infamous Operation Yewtree Inspector 5) and perjuror Sgt David Oldroyd.

Retired Chief Supertintendent Elizabeth Preece, a former Killingbeck-based North East Leeds Divisional Commander – and Poskitt’s boss at the time – featured in this story (click here) which made national newspaper headlines. The incident, concerning an alleged ‘kidnapping’ of Miss Preece’s springer spaniel dog, led to the arrest of the similarly-retired ACC Andy Brown, also of West Yorkshire Police.

Andy Brown retired from the Force in 2003 (4 years before Miss Preece) and runs a private investigation firm in Leeds, Brown’s Investigations. A high profile case of his involves working with the family of David Hill, convicted of the murder of Molly Wright. Mr Brown is highly critical of the investigation run by his former detective colleagues and is convinced that the wrong person was convicted. More here.