Racism in West Yorkshire Police

Page last updated on Friday 27th September 2013 at 1545hrs

This page summarises the case studies of racism against their own BME officers by West Yorkshire Police, as well as a police officer from a neighbouring Force and, of course, members of the public. Individual cases will be found in a sub-group under the Racism tab or via the weblink next to the intro.

PC Talib Khan prosecuted by WYP – cleared at Court but sacked at an internal hearing. Talib’s case was featured on Radio 4 File on Four investigative programme in June 2012. The BBC programme highlighted racism in the police and was diligently researched by Producer, Sally Chesworth. It unearthed some disturbing case studies and wo of those were former officers in West Yorkshire Police: Kashif Ahmed and Talib Khan. An unconvincing performance by then DCC John Parkinson failed to allay fears that racism is, in fact, prevalent in his Force. Indeed, it is fair to say that of all the interviewees Parkinson
sounded much the least credible. A study of the transcript also shows him to be economical with the truth and making statements that border on the incredulous. Listen to the BBC broadcast here.

PC David Blair prosecuted by WYP – cleared at Court but sacked at an internal hearing. David gave a very powerful and emotional victim statement at a public PCC election hustings in Bradford. The man now elected as Police & Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire sat and squirmed in acute discomfort and embarassment throughout the entire reading as he was Chair of West Yorkshire Police Authority throughout the period of persecution of all of these BME officers. He stated afterwards that he would ‘rigorously investigate’ any cases of corruption or racism if evidence was put on his desk. David Blair is still waiting for the call to present his own case. Read more here:

PC Wasim Bashir prosecuted by WYP – cleared at Court – suspended almost 3 years – returned back to work – no apology – investigating officer gets promoted.

DC Murtaza Ahmed investigated by WYP – cleared at internal hearing – white officers found to be untruthful – no action taken against them – no apology received.

The most widely known West Yorkshire police officer case is that of PC Kashif Ahmed who was relentlessly pursued for 3 years on relatively trivial charges in an ever expanding and widening case that involved a staggering 34 officers and was estimated to have cost £500,000. Eventually a criminal case came to be heard in Bradford Crown Court and collapsed in spectacular fashion at an Abuse of Process hearing.  The civil case of wrogful arrest being pursued by Kash Ahmed, against his former colleagues, recently concluded at Leeds High Court. Read more here.

Another widely publicised case involving the police is that of DI Shakeel Ahmed, a Wakefield man born and bred but a serving South Yorkshire Police detective. He was arrested in 2009 on money laundering charges but after another hapless 3 year enquiry, described by another senior detective as a ‘Masterclass in how not to run a criminal investigation’, this case also collapsed and Shak Ahmed was cleared. More on this here.

The pivotal case of racism involving a member of the public over the past few years has been that of Bradford man, Anwar Gillespie who was seriously assaulted and racially abused after acting as a Good Samaritan. After a protracted battle with West Yorkshire Police PSD and the IPCC who twice failed to uphold appeals he was awarded substantial compensation. This was almost entirely dus to the intervention of leading police complaints solicitor, Iain Gould of DPP Law in Liverpool. Read more of Anwar’s case here:

Another member of the public who suffered at the hands of the police in West Yorkshire is Halifax man, Frank Yeo who is a native of China. More on Frank’s case will appear later.

An interesting BBC News article on police racism can also be found here.