Rogue Chiefs

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The most notorious ‘rogue’ police chief in living memory is, undoubtedly, Sir Norman Bettison. His association with the cover-up of the Hillsborough disaster – and blaming the Liverpool fans in his infamous press release on 13th September 2012 – will forever stain the police service. As will the alleged threatening phone call to West Yorkshire Police Authority immediately before his referral to the IPCC. Which resonates with Bettison turning up unannounced at the business premises of HFSG Chairman, Trevor Hicks, in an attempt to intimidate and his behaviour towards MP Maria Eagle during a meeting at the House of Commons in 1998.

He also faces historic accusations that he misled the Merseyside Police Authority when he was appointed Chief Constable, he significantly falsified his CV to land that job, that he boasted about the Hillsborough cover-up to two fellow MBA students in Sheffield and, more seriously, he is alleged to have been the prime mover in selling a large quantity of stolen high-value platinum wire. There is also the ever-expanding issue of paedophile Jimmy Savile being allowed to run loose on his West Yorkshire manor and the other paedophiles that he was determined to conceal in his own ranks.

Interestingly, in the context of what uPSD West Yorkshire regularly have to overcome: missing files & documents, altered records and stolen CCTV feature prominently in these allegations. Is this too much of a coincidence?

Until recently, Bettison was Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police: Itself stained by a massive corruption scandal on his watch. Known as ‘Operation Douglas’ it featured the mishandling of a super-grass that led to what three Law Lords described as ‘prosecutorial misconduct of the gravest kind’. Full story here.

He now also faces a further investigation over smearing a prominent race relations specialist during the Lawrence inquiry.

Bettison is joined in this section by his short-lived, and recently deposed, replacement Temp Chief Constable John Parkinson and his former Deputy, and now Chief of the terminally disgraced South Yorkshire Police force, David Crompton.

Recently added are Derek Bonnard, unceremoniously sacked as Deputy Chief Constable of Chief Constable having previously brought West Yorkshire Police into disgrace in a sexual discrimination and harassment case costing hundreds of thousands of pounds whilst a Chief Superintendent and former Head of Professional Standards, Ian Kennedy, have rightly taken up position here.

New Chief Constable, Mark Gilmore, who took just 18 days in office before his entry into the Rogue Chiefs gallery. One of Gilmore’s ACC’s has now joined him. She is, of course, the now nationally infamous Ingrid Lee, owner of the disgraced Operation Newgreen report into the Force’s connections with Jimmy Savile. It was widely condemned as “pathetic” and “a complete whitewash”.

Completing the ACPO line up is Sir Dan Crompton, father of David, who takes his rightful place in the Rogues Gallery as a result of the exposure of the disgraceful, libellous remarks against the Hillsborough families during his time as an Inspector of Constabulary in Wakefield.

We also have four completely discredited Chief Superintendents on the list: Sex in the sauna cop, Ian Whitehouse and the totally incompetent and essentially dishonest, John Holt plus a South Yorkshire Police refugee, and another peddler of Hillsborough lies, Clive Wain. A fairly recent addition is another thoroughly dishonest police officer in the shape the aforementioned of ex Head of Professional Standards, Ian Kennedy. We have waited months to nail this rascal and his page is a shocking tale of systematic and sustained corruption.

One of the two latest Rogue Chiefs entrants is actually a serving Greater Manchester Police officer, ACC Garry Shewan, who has never worked in West Yorkshire. However, by clicking on this link here you will find compelling links to God’s Own County. The other new entrant is ex-South Yorkshire Police officer, C/Supt Andy Battle.

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T/CC John Parkinson

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Ex- DCC David Crompton 

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