Rogue Officers


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West Yorkshire Police has over 5,000 police officers, the majority of whom wish to serve and protect us well, keeping our communities safe. There are however some officers, a good number senior in rank (see also Rogue Chiefs), whom the public would definitely be better off without. Or, have those that have slunk off into retirement (on full pension), to avoid facing sanction, pursued by way of criminal enquiries.

The impact to public confidence in the police, in having these corrupt officers exposed, is devastating. As is the effect on morale inside the force, when front-line police officers see that their own Command Team (Sir Norman Bettison, David Crompton, John Parkinson et al) is prepared to indulge criminal behaviour from senior officers, without appropriate sanction.

We name and shame some of these officers here. The list grows ever longer and what a rag, tag and bobtail list of chancers, liars, perjurors, perverters, forgers, thieves, sexual deviants and child abusers it is – and every officer on the list owes their place indirectly to Detective Chief Inspector Elizabeth Belton and the Bramham-based villain she was trying to protect. If she had been doing her job – rather than being on it – uPSD would probably not even exist.

Well done, Miss Belton. I am sure the whole Force and the rest of the police service is proud of you.

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Chief Supt Andy Battle

Chief Supt Ian Kennedy

Chief Supt John Holt

Chief Supt Clive Wain

Chief Supt Ian Whitehouse

Supt Stephen Bennett 

DCI Liz Belton 

DCI Osman Khan

Inspector Trevor Thackray

DI Peter Howarth

DI Damian Carr 

DI Mick Green

PS David Oldroyd

PS Ian Poskitt

DS Chris Taylor

PC Gary Simpson

PC Danny Gray

DC Tanya Strangeway

DC Nick McFadden

PC James Hughes

PC Kevin Liston 

West Yorkshire Police Paedophiles

West Yorkshire Police Perjurors

Dangerous Police Drivers

Killingbeck Police Station

West Yorkshire Police Band

An important addition, latterly, is former Head of Professional Standards, C/Supt Ian Kennedy and he will be soon followed by his sidekick, the intellectually challenged and hopelessy incompetent C/Supt Angela Williams. Kennedy has two huge questions to answer, personally, concerning the PSD investigation into the framing of ex PC Danny Major. These concern deliberately lying about a ‘doctored’ set of photographs used at trial and disclosure irregularities concerned with the same case. A formal complaint was made about Kennedy at the time that he, himself, ensured was never recorded or acted upon. Kennedy is also at the very heart of the Force-wide cover up of the Operation Douglas scandal along with Rogue Force Solicitor, Mike Percival. He deserves to go to jail and uPSD will do everything in their power to see that happens along with the other police villains involved in sending an innocent colleague to jail. He was also at the heart of the nationally known FTS cover-up that ended with a bloody nose for WYP.

It is interesting to record that Kennedy enjoys protected status by WYOPCC’s Fraser Sampson who has been prepared to produce no less than three false sets of meeting minutes that were primarily designed to conceal the fact that Kennedy had been irrevocably proven to have lied to Sampson over the false photographs. One habitual liar covering for another.

Other West Yorkshire Police Rogue Officers scheduled to appear  are, in order of rank, ACC’s John Robins, who will joinIngrid Lee, the latter now nationally infamous as the instigator of the hopelessly incompetent Operation Newgreen Jimmy Savile “whitewash” report. Lee is also now widely known as a result of two of her former Organised Crime Group elite detectives being involved in massive criminal trials. Nick McFadden and Chris Taylor.  She has also been under investigation by Cumbria Police concerning election irregularities concerning the election of Police and Crime Commissioner last November. Robins currently holds the portfolio for Professional Standards, a police department now notorious as the worst in the country following corruption exposure after corruption exposure by uPSD. We also have some interesting documentary evidence to exhibit on Robins, from his time as Divisional Commander in Kirklees, that shows him in a particularly poor light. It is a succession of very poor ACPO appointments by West Yorkshire Police that has largely contributed to the Force being brought to its knees.

An “exposure” of ex South Yorks Police exhibitionist, and serial liar, CI Paula Booth is also coming soon. Ms Booth was famously described by a Divisional Commander in the Force as “the most evil woman he had ever come across“. She also reportedly likes a drink and a Wakefield Express contact has tipped us off about an incident in Newcastle a couple of years ago. Booth is pictured, above left, in the centre of the trio. On her right is “Blobby Bobby” C/Supt Marc Callaghan another former PSD Chief very much on our radar, as a police officer who describes himself as “Big Boss Hogg” should be. Another Chief Super lined up in the uPSD sights is long-serving, and bad-tempered, Simon Willsher who appears not to know how to conduct an investigation and thinks a policy log is something you roll off. His claim to fame within West Yorkshire Police is, allegedly, throwing things at his PA when he has lost his temper.

Others to feature soon are DCI Nick Wallen whose role in the acid attack murder investigation is coming under sharp scrutiny, DI Andrew Tempest-Mitchell, DI Andrew Knapton, DS Andrew Lockwood, PS Mick Downes.  Two of those, Downes and Tempest-Mitchell, are, astonishingly, the recent past Chairs of the Masonic Lodge dominated West Yorkshire Police Federation.

One that deserves a mention, but at this stage won’t qualify for a page of his own, is Detective Chief Superintendent David Knopwood who led the inquiry and authored the Operation Newgreen report. Almost universally condemned in the press -and on TV and radio – as a “whitewash” and “pathetic”, you need to be pretty desperate to ingratiate yourself with your bosses to produce something of that calibre.  It is inconceivable that this is his first rubbish investigation. Watching brief now in order, especially as the anticipated promotion – to head up the Crime Division in WYP – has been confirmed. More recently (Monday 28th April 2014) Knopwood was stopped by North Yorkshire Police for drink driving. He is now suspended from duty and faces losing his job. For full details read Yorkshire Post story here.