Sir Dan Crompton

Page last updated Sunday 16th June 2013 at 1510hrs

Sir Dan Crompton never worked as a police officer in the West Yorkshire force but earns his rightful place in our Rogue Officers gallery for several key reasons:-

First, and very much foremost, because he has steadfastly refused to apologise for the outrageous remarks he made about the families of those bereaved at the Hillsborough Disaster. He initially described the families, in a letter to the then Chief Inspector of Constabulary, as ‘vindictive and cruel’ in pursuing the truth about Norman Bettison‘s involvement in the Hillsborough cover-up and then branded them ‘vindictive and vexatious’ in the final paragraph of the same letter.

This is the full text of that letter which condemns Sir Dan Crompton as a lazy, nasty piece of work can be read here. He couldn’t be bothered to find out for himself the truth, didn’t speak at all to Maria Eagle MP and simply relied on Bettison‘s own account. That suited his purpose much better.

When confronted at his home in Rochdale by a Sunday Star newspaper reporter he closed the door saying: ‘I don’t want to get involved’. Well, uPSD has news for you, Sir Dan. You are involved and we will assist, using whatever lawful means open to us, in procuring an apology from you for those utterly disgraceful remarks.

Justice heroine, Margaret Aspinall, who chairs the Hillsborough Family  Support Group lost her son 18 year old son James in the Disaster has an uncanny knack of getting to the heart of an issue first time around. She said:  “He could have made some sort of statement about why he wrote that letter, why he said that about the families. How rude.” Exactly.

Secondly, Sir Dan Crompton was based at the time of Bettison’s appointment in Wakefield, close to West Yorkshire Police HQ, where he held the office of Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary for the North of England. Right under his nose, Bettison and West Yorkshire Police committed what five Law Lords described as “hard to imagine a worse case of sustained prosecutorial dishonesty designed to secure and hold a conviction at all costs”. Read full story hereIt has also come to light recently that Crompton senior was wheeled in by West Yorkshire Police to produce what was to be the first of an increasing number of whitewash reports that suggested that perjury and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice by very senior officers was nothing for the public to trouble themselves about.

So why exactly were you, Sir Dan Crompton, so keen to pave the way for Bettison to take up that appointment on Merseyside and conceal the truth from the Police Authority there? Did it please you to rub the noses of the Hillsborough families and survivors in the dirt as a perverse punishment for them having the temerity to seek justice and cause the police service and judiciary all those problems.

Thirdly, he is the father of David Crompton who is very much a chip off the old block. Arrogant, incompetent, complicit in criminality and fond of branding complainants ‘vexatious’, David Crompton is now Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police. Largely, because they could not attract a decent candidate for the post with the police poison pill of the Hillsborough Independent Panel Report still in the bottle.

Crompton junior also has to explain why he inexplicably failed to tell the world on 12th September 2012 that he was, at that time, himself under an IPCC/external police force investigation and had been since May 2012, shortly after his appointment to South Yorkshire Police. Read here.

David Crompton has his own extensive Rogue Officer page as he features in case after case where misconduct and downright criminality has been the feature during his tenure at West Yorkshire Police and he kicked off his incumbency at South Yorkshire in regular style by concealing a case of perjury and perverting the course of justice involving a Sheffield traffic officer PC 480 Gary Garner.

Investigative journalist, Neil Wilby, author of this page says: ‘The attitude of Dan Crompton sickens me to the core. However, having  investigated a number of cases involving his son, and also knowing much more than most on the Operation Douglas affair, I have to say I am not at all surprised by his attitude. It is notable that the spin-loving David Crompton has been completely silent over the past few weeks, including after the quashing of the Hillsborough inquest verdicts”.