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The first interaction between investigative journalist, Neil Wilby, and the then ACC John Parkinson came in May 2010. It was already plainly apparent that there was something grotesquely wrong with the conduct of a section of West Yorkshire Police that should be absolutely key to it’s effective functioning: The Professional Standards Department, or PSD as it is more commonly known.

The performance of two PSD officers, DCI Stephen Bennett and DI Peter Howarth, had by that time already given rise to serious misconduct and integrity concerns. These two also feature on the uPSD website as Rogue Officers and readers can judge whether the concerns raised by Neil Wilby,  nearly three years ago, were justified or not.

After prompting, Parkinson’s response was that he had ‘investigated’ the concerns and found nothing untoward. As an experienced and senior newspaperman, Neil Wilby was flabbergasted and enquired precisely what those ‘investigations’ comprised. No response from Parkinson was forthcoming. Unsurprising, in the light of what was subsequently uncovered about West Yorkshire Police PSD, Bennett, Howarth and the ACC with portfolio responsibility for that Department.

John Parkinson tells lies. Frequently, both in public and in private. By word of mouth, email or letter, it all comes the same to him. Even Parkinson’s friend and police colleague, Cedric Christie, who went through Cadet School with him and, more recently, stood as a candidate for Police Commissioner was lied to, professionally, by Parkinson: A lie which, effectively, ended their 30 year association. These lies, and the concerted attempt to deceive and conceal grave misconduct and criminality, has set in motion a chain of events that are quite catastrophic for the reputation of West Yorkshire Police and the police service as a whole.

More tellingly, Parkinson is currently under investigation by an outside police force in connection with dishonesty allegations first brought to wider public notice by Neil Wilby whose investigative instincts by this time were sharply honed and aided by some very astute retired detectives who had worked alongside Parkinson. The outside force investigation concerns the PC Danny Major miscarriage of justice, codenamed Operation Lamp, and being undertaken by Greater Manchester Police. uPSD confidently assert that Parkinson will be revealed as one of the main architects of the criminal cover up, along with his SIO the aforementioned Steve Bennett.

Parkinson was also investigated by an outside police force after attempts to deliberately mislead both the BBC and the Yorkshire Post newspaper. But, incredibly, Parkinson was cleared despite clear and probative evidence to support the claims against him.

Parkinson is also still the subject of another recorded complaint by his own Police Authority in which he is claimed by the WYPA Chief Executive, Fraser Sampson, to be the author of an anonymous police email sent to uPSD which threatened criminal and unspecified civil proceedings. uPSD have very good reason to believe that Parkinson did not send that email at all and that the whole police strategy for disposal of the complaint is an artifice. The Police Authority trying to get rid of the investigation by legal process, but failing, tends to support that view.

Sampson will soon be making an appearance in uPSD’s Rogue Solicitors section where his own professional reputation, along with that of Force Solicitor, Mike Percival will be utterly demolished over a quite shocking series of misdemeanours. He has been on notice of three SRA complaints against him to uPSD’s certain knowledge for quite some time and it is very much in the public interest to expose this self-styled public servant. It was Sampson’s mis-placed loyalty to Parkinson that prevented him being exposed as dishonest when Neil Wilby took his concerns to Leeds High Court in December 2010.

But there are bigger issues facing Parkinson than not being able to tell the truth. Most members of the public now expect an ACPO-ranked officer to lie to them, or cheat in some way or other. After all, 11 of them have been sacked or forced to resign in recent times and there are 9 other Chief Constables, apart from Parkinson, currently under investigation. That doesn’t include Parkinson’s predecessor and arch-rogue Sir Norman Bettison who scuttled off into retirement to avoid suspension and, very probably, dismissal from West Yorkshire Police. Bettison faces a whole raft of allegations that have surfaced since he left the Force and it is hoped that he will go to jail for his trouble.

Parkinson’s nemesis will not be telling lies. How can it be, when the Police Commissioner, Mark-Burns-Williamson, who calls him to account is also a liar? Rather, it will be the sheer weight of evidence of the complicity with, and covering up of, case after case of gross misconduct and/or criminality on the part of officers under his command and control in West Yorkshire Police.

This is no accident. It is a calculated, well-executed deceit, over a long period of time, fuelled by the belief that he and his senior acolytes were untouchable. Aided and abetted by what WYPOCC’sFraser Sampson (another Cadet colleague of Parkinson’s) has stated as ‘an unhealthy relationship between PSD and the CPS’ and a Wakefield office of the IPCC so in thrall to its near neighbours, West Yorkshire Police, that it simply beggars belief.

Read all the Case Studies posted so far (there are still many, many more to be added), study the profiles of the Rogue Officers (less than a third listed on our website so far) and then decide whether a man who has been with West Yorkshire Police for 33 years, directly commanded or worked alongside most of these policemen and women, and had personal involvement in many of the corrupt cases, should ever have been its Chief Constable.

There is also the troubling existence of a document which surfaced in November 2012. Most of the content was either known to uPSD or had already been published in our newsletters. However, some of the material was new even to us. For example, Parkinson’s involvement in a pyramid selling scam (along with another senior detective, Steve Snow), the freemason cover-up of a dodgy building contract and the alleged knowledge of the utterly repugnant Jimmy Savile paedophile activities (The aforementioned Snow is a close friend of Ingrid Lee who authored the disastrous Operation Newgreen/Savile report). The partially redacted contents of the Parkinson document can be read here.

uPSD are now aware that the Parkinson document was sent to the IPCC, the Police Authority and the Wakefield Express newspaper but it has been, on the face of it, ignored by all. (The Wakefield Express’s Gavin Murray at first denied receiving it when asked to confirm).

The IPCC subsequently confirmed, via an FOI response, that they were in possession of this document. They are not, according to IPCC Wakefield complaints hatchet woman, (name redacted for legal reasons), investigating its contents or any other aspect of Parkinson’s miconduct and/or criminality. No surprise there, then.

However, by uPSD now placing these questions in the public domain the constituents of West Yorkshire should receive answers to what they don’t already have access to on this website. The most troubling aspect to all of this, however, is the continued concealment of these matters by the very people that should be holding the Chief Constable to account: The IPCC and the Police & Crime Commissioner’s Office. It is both shocking and disgraceful, particularly the latter whose claim that there is no corruption in West Yorkshire Police will, Neil Wilby asserts, cost the Commissioner his job during 2014 as another raft of serious police corruption cases hit the public domain.

The plain fact is, that if these people were discharging their lawful duties appropriately, uPSD would not exist.