West Yorkshire Police – Freedom of Information Disclosure Log 2013


Page updated Wednesday 16th April 2014 at 1730hrs

After sustained pressure by uPSD (and latterly other journalists/police commentators) belatedly published their Freedom of Information Discosure Log for 2013 (to date) on Friday 28th September, 2013. It soon became clear why there had been a reluctance to publish FoI outcomes when uPSD analysed the logs.

In another deceitful policy shift West Yorkshire Police  now do not date FoI requests received, or determined, on Disclosure Logs. The Force’s Head of Information Services, Sue Durham, is pictured top centre. She signs off most, if not all, FoI requests.

This is uPSD’s summary of the extracts from the Disclosure Log.

1. Amongst the startling revelations was the fact that in a two year period seven West Yorkshire Police vehicles were stolen from the Force and, in the same period, fourteen officers reported that their Force laptops stolen. It is quite incredulous that news of these thefts has never reached the

2. Since 2010 West Yorkshire Police have had 14 Blackberry mobile handsets stolen. What data was on them & why no local press reports?

3. Since 2009, there’s been 76 allegations of discriminatory behaviour against West Yorkshire Police officers. Not a single one upheld.

4. There are 517 current Police Constables in West Yorkshire Police shown Passed Ospre Sergeant Part 2 but not yet been promoted to Sergeant.

5. There are 157 current Police Sergeants in West Yorkshire Police shown Passed Ospre Inspector Part 2 but not yet promoted to Inspector.

6. Between 1st April 2011 & 31st March 2012, 320 people were convicted of sexual offences & placed on Sex Offender’s Register in West Yorkshire Police area

7. Total amount paid by West Yorkshire Police to Covert Human Intelligence Sources (informants) over last 5 years is £735,000

8. Operation Bevel, which wrongly sent Colin Norris to jail in 2008, cost West Yorkshire Police £373895.07 in overtime, spread across 62 officers.

9. West Yorkshire Police claim finding out number of recorded crimes NFA’d in 2010-2011 would involve manual search taking 409 working days

10. West Yorkshire Police refuse to disclose via Freedom of Information numbers appealing against cautions, reprimands & final warnings in each of the past 5 years?

11. Sixteen males & two females in their 80’s were arrested by West Yorkshire Police within last 12 months. Crimes incl burglary & sex offences

12. In 2010-2011 West Yorkshire Police took DNA samples from 4,923 children aged between 10 and 17 years old

13. West Yorkshire Police block Freedom of Information info on evidence gone missing from property stores in last 3 years. Rely on overcost as set out in Section 12 of Act.

14. Current spending on security, maintenance of buildings, electrical & mechanical equipment by West Yorkshire Police is £1,554,000.

15. Current spending by West Yorkshire Police on cleaning & catering is £2,224,094 pa

16. West Yorkshire Police claim no production orders have been issued to journalists/media organisations by the Force in last 5 years.

17. West Yorkshire Police budget £88,000 to cover statutory user satisfaction surveys, ASB surveys & any ad-hoc consultation work.

18. Since 2008, West Yorkshire Police has reduced its spending on Public Relations & associated activities from £160,461 to £20,699

19. According to recent Freedom of Information response by West Yorkshire Police the Leeds United ground policing dispute has not been financially settled.

20. As at date of Freedom of Information request on 7th February 2013, West Yorkshire Police had 4,018 hand-held mobile data devices in use. These were all Blackberry with airtime contracts obtained via O2.

21. There are 115 staff employed within West Yorkshire Police IT department. 6,862 desktop PC’s in use throughout the Force

22. Since Sept 2010 West Yorkshire Police has received 38 complaints relating to dog or mounted sections. Only 4 upheld with 5 still ongoing

23. Since 2009, there’s been 76 allegations of discriminatory behaviour against West Yorkshire Police officers. Not a single one upheld.

24. In past 3 years 5070 complaints were recorded against West Yorkshire Police officers. 326 referred to Independent Police Complaints Commission. Number upheld not disclosed.

25. West Yorkshire Police refuse to disclose number of complaints made against Force Solicitor, Mike Percival. They rely on Freedom of Information Section 40 (5) exemption.

26. West Yorkshire Police rely on Freedom of Information Section 12 exemption not to disclose number of officers with criminal convictions within their Force.

27. West Yorkshire Police currently have two ‘live’ public complaint allegations which have a racial dimension. One referred to Independent Police Complaints Commission.

More to follow….