What we do

Public contact with the police comes in many forms. Almost all are positive and supportive, as they seek to protect us from criminals and keep our communities safe.

But, sometimes, the police get it wrong and a citizen feels strongly enough to want to complain. It may be a simple case that an officer was unnecessarily rude to you. An apology is sought. On a more serious level you feel that the rough treatment you received amounted to assault or that you were wrongly detained at a police station. You want matters putting right.

Every police force has a Professional Standards Department, which is responsible for recording your complaint and deciding whether and how to investigate. At the end of the process you receive an Investigation Outcome (report) which tells you whether the complaint is ‘substantiated’ (upheld) or not.

Statistically, the chances of the public in West Yorkshire having their complaint upheld is only 6%. Or put another way, the police believe that 94 out of 100 citizens complain without cause. Hard to believe, statistically improbable, but absolute fact.

This is how unProfessional Standards Department, or uPSD for short, was born. We fight the corner of those members of the public whom we believe – after reviewing all the evidence – have a complaint case that should have been upheld and have been denied justice by the police.

Check out our Knowledge Base pages for a huge array of Case Studies and you may recognise some of the type of occurences that have applied to you (or family, friends or colleagues) or the same Rogue Officers who have provided a false and unfair outcome to your complaint. The search tool at the top right of each website page will help you to find out if a West Yorkshire Police officer is already featured in one of our cases.

Either from the drop down menus under What We Do or by clicking the links you can see uPSD’s views on Dealing with the Police and Dealing with the IPCC.  There are also pages for FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions), and Links to other useful associated websites.

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